Clutter, how do I down size and organise?

Clutter, how do I down size and organise? Topic: How to write a charity letter
June 16, 2019 / By Ahern
Question: I live with my parents they are MAJOR pack rats and wont throw out a thing, is there anyway that we can get more organised without throwing out a lot? I am prego and will soon have my baby, I will still be with them, they deserve more than the world for taking us in and I just want to do something nice for them... If you have a suggestion please let me in. Thax
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Sunday Sunday | 9 days ago
Good Luck!!!! One packrat in a house is bad enough, Two is outrageous!! How did you escape?? There is a website that might help......but not quickly. www.flylady.com It's for people who aren't organized and need to break their housekeeping up into smaller but more efficient work. Obviously their not being able to throw anything away is a big hurdle. You can try the "Keep/Donate/Toss" boogie where you have 3 bins and each object is either kept and assigned a place for storage, donated to charity, or tossed never to be seen again. If you designate 30 per day to tackle this chore, it will get done eventually...........sigh. Problem is this is not YOUR stuff so you have no right to throw it away....until you inherit it. Sooooo, I suggest investing in a lot of plastic bins, filling them, writing what's inside of each on them and then stacking against the walls. I know one may or organized his garage this way but each bin has a letter of the alaphabet. For example the "S" bin held screws, screw driver, sandpaper, etc. You can point out fire hazard, mice hazard, falling junk piles, baby's natural tendency to grab items close at hand, but I really think you are fighting a loosing battle. Just because you are pregnant does not give you the right to order your parents to change their lifestyle...just because you did.
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Rae Rae
Organize the clutter. Group like things together. Get some boxes or make some piles. Ask them what they would like to keep and what can be thrown out. Anything that they don't need around all the time should be put in boxes and placed elsewhere. Clutter can cause a lot of stress and make it hard to relax. I would emphasize that point. I would start in one room and make my way around. My husband and I have to do this from time to time. The hardest part is getting started and going through the first time. It does get easier over time and if you stay with it.
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