My sister makes my life miseable.?

My sister makes my life miseable.? Topic: The sisters dish
July 20, 2019 / By Rona
Question: Okay. My sister is a real physcopath. She's 18 and came home today in a really bit*** attitude. She ordered me to do the dishes, and I said wait. ( I was on the computer at the time ) SO then she screams at the top of her lungs at me saying your a lazy A** and does nothing. Then she made me really angry and she hit me across the face. I've been dealing with her all my life. Im only 14! So of course.. I got REALLY angry and tired of her and hit her back and screamed saying you make my life miserable. and we spent the next 2 minutes whaling eachother. Then she went crazy and hit me really hard. SCREAMED in my face and said forget it. Then she went to the kitchen and chucked a broom at me and my dog. And following that a burning wet hot sponge and chucked that at me. I came from the beach yesterday and got a really bad sunburn.. and im in a lot of pain and her putting a boiling hot wet towl on me and chucking a broom at me really made it worse. I am SO tired of this. I honestly feel like killing myself.
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Mollie Mollie | 5 days ago
okay i know what you're going through because i have a step bro and his step sister is the same way with him, wtf? "i honestly feel like killing myself" nah, bad way of thinking bro, you need to kick her *** badly because she's just doing that to test you and she's doing that so she can feel superior to you, if you kick her *** bad she will leave you alone, why don't you switch rolls and be a dick to her? that will make her calm her a** down
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Mollie Originally Answered: My mom makes my life a misery.i cant live anymore as a child?
i am 15 and a few years ago, my mother had breast cancer as well.she was always stressed, and in a bad mood. it never got physical, but we would always fight, and i'd end up crying. now, a few years later, me and my mom still get into the occasional fight, but it's gotten so much better. you just have to give your mother time, and when she gets in a bad mood, just go listen to some music. it always made me feel better. or, this may sound dumb, but you could keep a journal to write down all your thoughts and feelings. it may sound stupid, but it works wonders. everything will get better, trust me! ♥
Mollie Originally Answered: My mom makes my life a misery.i cant live anymore as a child?
man thats terrible. i think you should just talk to your mom. have a sit down chat. also what would be better is have a sit down chat with your mom, sister, and yourself, if you dont want to stir your dad into this. also, what people really dont want to hear when they are riled up is to calm down. what you should do is think what you would like to hear in that situation and attempt to comfort her the best you can. now what you can do for yourself to enjoy life again, is count up all the things that you do have in life. for example a family. i know you have probably heard this over and over again, but some kids have absolutely nothing. take up a hobby or something, and try not to be around your mom when shes angry like this. i know its hard when your in a situation like this and dont know what to do, but dont worry you can get through it. good luck :D
Mollie Originally Answered: My mom makes my life a misery.i cant live anymore as a child?
Be understanding and kind to your mother. Remember that you are at an age that makes every thing seem like it will never end. Things will get better for you. Be patient and hang in there. Try to spend time with friends and hobbies.

Linnette Linnette
im really srry....tht sounds like more than pms ing haha...do your parents know?what do they say? this seems like she has serious anger issues tht need to be handled...throwing and screaming stuff at 18 seems like theres something wrong....again im really sry hope tht helped :)
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Linnette Originally Answered: Why am I so happy now that my sister is out of my life?
I she older than you? I have thee younger sisters and I love all of them then an now .I am sure that my second sister feels just like you do. We where not close growing up . we had our issues with each other that never got worked out. It was better to let it ,for years we would see each other on holidays or at or parents home. but never connected with each other. now that mom has passed dad remarried we have no contact. we have both changed a lot since we lived under the same roof. you don't miss something until it is gone
Linnette Originally Answered: Why am I so happy now that my sister is out of my life?
Friends are chosen, were as with family you don't get to chose. When you chose friends you do it because you click with that person. Just because someone is in the family doesn't mean that you click with that person. But maybe now that you'll are apart from each other the relationship may improve.

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