Can you analyse this sentence by tehabwa and see if it makes sense to you?

Can you analyse this sentence by tehabwa and see if it makes sense to you? Topic: What to include in a conclusion sentence
July 20, 2019 / By Derby
Question: Tehabwa states in https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index... "As for rejection of climate science, the people who profit from fossil fuels (and have their eyes on the mineral resources under the polar ice) hire liars; then lots of morons believe the liars." Linny, the question is Chem's and it goes like this, "How much of AGW denialism is zero-sum-game thinking and fear?" I don't know why the link is isn't working. I was there just a few minutes ago. Chem: People who profit from fossil fuels are providing a service to humanity. Why are you ignoring the people, like Al Gore, who do not provide anything beneficial to humankind and get rich doing it? Seems a little out of balance to me.
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Best Answers: Can you analyse this sentence by tehabwa and see if it makes sense to you?

Caltha Caltha | 7 days ago
Extreme environmentalist science has had control of the AGW aspect of climate science since the beginning. When you throw hundreds of billions of Government dollars at the research to obtain a certain result without including a skeptical viewpoint, then the biased conclusions are left for the skeptics to decipher at their own expense. The phrase "You can't fight City Hall" comes to mind. It takes a hefty bankroll to litigate against the established Governmental agencies run by Government ELITES. "Eminent domain" is another Governmental ploy that hinders the human condition. These "climate clowns" who seem to think that humans are so prevalent still can't figure out what the "actual CO2 impact" is. The science is still based on "preponderance of the evidence". "Zero-sum-game" means they are still wondering why people deny an environmentalist's viewpoint while in the same breath they use, abuse, and profit from those very products and services created from the use of fossil fuels or any other resource designed to improve the human condition. I bet they would change their mind if they came up with a "better mouse trap" and learned what it took to maintain the distribution process in order to get their "mousetrap" to all who would benefit from its use (or they could hand it to the Government and let them handle it).
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Imagining an individual suffering from a terminal illness and going through agonizing pain, is poignant.

Alysia Alysia
Twenty years ago,you would have been saying that about people who profit from tobacco. I thought that it was only in Communist countries that getting rich was considered to be a bad thing.
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Victor Victor
Yes, the statement makes sense. It could, for example, refer to someone like Dr. Fred Singer, who is paid to spread misinformation and doubt about global warming. I don't necessarily agree with the portrayal of those that fall for the lies as "morons". Unfortunately many--if not most--people have a very poor knowledge of science and mathematics, and are not in a position to judge scientific arguments on their own basis. Rather than go with the overwhelming scientific opinion, the "paid liars" have led them to believe there is much genuine disagreement about the reality of the problem. That leads them to follow their political leaders, so if people like Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck tell them it's a scam, they choose to believe them. It's much easier to say it's a scam and ignore it than it is to accept the scientific reality and realize that hard choices must be made.
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Rowland Rowland
This should be the link: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index... (Y!A has been buggier than my roach colony, lately) It makes perfect sense to me. He, she, or it is saying "There are people who are making money from selling fossil fuels and/or want to exploit resources currently covered by ice caps and glaciers. They hire people to lie about the falseness of AGW. Then, lots of not very smart people believe the people lying about AGW." Where is your point of confusion? edit: People profiting from fossil fuels are bringing some benefit to humanity, for which they are more than adequately compensated. I can still call them on unethical behavior, such as paying for people to lie about the science. If you want to talk people doing good with inadequate compensation, talk to me about teachers. If you want to talk people making money without benefiting humanity, talk to me about the financial sector. Al Gore and fossil fuel companies aren't really on the scale for making more or less money than they deserve...
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You're right, if this CUNY takes nothing other than GPA and SAT scores into consideration, then it is strange that the lower GPA/SAT student was accepted. At many other colleges, where they take EVERYTHING into account, this may have made more sense. Were there essays or personal statements for the application? If not, then affirmative action is all I can think of as well. Good luck with you!

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