Good Calculus AB or BC and Physics B ap exam review sites?

Good Calculus AB or BC and Physics B ap exam review sites? Topic: review physics
July 20, 2019 / By Nolan
Question: I need to review for the calculus and physics B AP exams. Right now, I've only taken calculus ab, but does anyone know any good review sites or books for any? Thanks.
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Best Answers: Good Calculus AB or BC and Physics B ap exam review sites?

Kristopher Kristopher | 7 days ago
For Calculus AB, brightstorm.com has a bunch of free video lectures available, as well as a specifically targeted pay series of video lectures for the Calculus AB test that are pretty good. I'd check out the free stuff as well as preview the stuff you'd have to pay for to see if it could help.
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Kristopher Originally Answered: AP Physics B Exam - Calculus?
Why take both B and C. Just take the C. The C is more accepted for transfer credits than the B. I am sure you can use any technique you desire on the MC, but you might have to refrain from the calc on the Free Response part. I don't know if they will dock you. By the way, the B and C exams are at the same time so you will have to take one of them as an alternate, which might cost you more $. Mike - Total Registration, LLC http://www.TotalRegistration.net - Helping high schools simplify the AP exam registration process by registering students for the exams online.
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AP Physics: B is algebra-based physics. So you will have to also learn new material like waves, optics, etc.

Irvine Irvine
i think of you will do effective. I took 5 AP training my junior year (Calculus BC, Spanish Lang, US historic past, Lang/Comp, Psychology), and am taking 7 next year (Chemistry and Physics C lined). I additionally am very in touch with my college and play 2 varsity activities. They have been very time eating, even though it grew to become right into a great academic challenge for me. in case you have the time and positioned the attempt into them, i'm confident you would be effective! there have been many nights that i did no longer sleep, yet I got here out with a 4.0. AP Calc (quite because of the fact that's AB) will maximum possibly be basic for you considering which you have completed so nicely in different math classes. AB fabric isn't terrible (opposite to what maximum folk say). as long as you're good in Algebra, it would be somewhat basic for you. Take AP Psychology in case you are able to. that's the finest AP type i've got ever taken, and that's great exciting! i've got no first hand journey with Chem and Physics, yet once you're relatively prepared approximately technological know-how and math you would be effective. i could propose keeping Chem, because of the fact colleges love in view which you challenged your self and that i heard that that's an exciting type (albeit puzzling). sturdy success
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Irvine Originally Answered: I have a huge Pre-calculus exam?
Math is a lot different from every other subject area except for math based sciences (physics, chemistry...) Anyway, your approach is wrong. You need to practice the problems themselves, not skim over the chapter's contents. While reading the examples and explanations is great, you aren't really doing yourself any favors. You need to physically write out and solve the problems yourself. Your book has (it should anyway) plenty of problems for you to practice on. It is for this reason I feel that math practice books are a total waste of money. You have a perfectly good textbook with notes, explanations, and problems.
Irvine Originally Answered: I have a huge Pre-calculus exam?
do not learn. examining's for wimps who don't have the balls to determine it out on the attempt. enormously in Pre-Calc. That classification is so straight forward in basic terms doing all the homework seems vulnerable.

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