I need a little help plz- lots of pts if u can help?

I need a little help plz- lots of pts if u can help? Topic: How to write a reference letter of character
June 16, 2019 / By Micha
Question: Im only a freshman in honors english reading the scaret letter so im confused. ive read it but i still cant seem to find the answers to these questions. ive tried all those websites that break it down but it still doesnt help. if someone could help, that would be gr8 bc ive heard that its normally read in 11th grade. ive gottten all the rest of the 60 questions except for these. 1.) Who displayed more strength of character during the forest meeting, Hester or Dimmesdale? Give examples. *i wasnt sure what strength of character so i just guessed for this answer but im pretty sure its wrong:Hester displayed more strength of character than Dimmesdale, during their forest meeting. Dimmesdale is doubtful as to whether Pearl will love him, saying that even little babies cry when in his arms. However, Hester tells him not to worry, and although Pearl may seem shy and strange at first, she will learn to love him. When Pearl was being stubborn about crossing the brook, Hester was firm with her, before finally agreeing to refasten her scarlet letter once again to her bosom. She used the same firmness when telling Pearl to receive the ministers blessing. Dimmesdale, very embarrassed, kissed Pearl upon her brow. * 2.) how is chapter 1 significant with the theme of this novel? * i have no clue what to write for this:Chapter 11 is significant to the theme of the novel. It is significant because sin buried deep inside will eventually come out either through like investigation or through guilt. Dimmesdale's meeting with Hester and Pearl on the scaffold echoes Hester's public humiliation seven years earlier. This time, however, there is no audience to hear the minister’s confession of sin. In fact, it is so dark outside that he is not even visible to Reverend Wilson when he walks past.* 3.) in chapter 14 find references to the clor red. *does that eman i can just do two because thats all i found:Hawthorne’s use of color imagery often has symbolic importance. In chapter 14, he refers to the color red. For instance, when Hawthorne describes the changed Chillingworth, he said that out of his eyes came an occasional glare of red light. The scarlet letter "A" itself is also a reference to red. 4.)what is significant about mistress hibbins remarks to hester and pearl 5.) what is significant about pearls treatment of dimmesdale at the end of the story? thank u in advance. any help u can give is gr8tly appreciated.
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Joyce Joyce | 3 days ago
there are 9 free study guides at this link that will ehlp you answer all your questions http://www.antistudy.com/search.php?title=SCARLET+LETTER
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you might want to put this question in a different section to start. and just put together what you just said into an actual sentence!

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