What makes someone an American?

What makes someone an American? Topic: How to write an and symbol
July 20, 2019 / By Mile
Question: I ask all Americans: How do you define an American? What does a person make an American in your opinion? Does ethnicity, mother tongue, color, religion or place of birth count? Or is it a certain mindset that makes you an American? And, a maybe too broad question: is the US still a country, where an immigrant can come to with the chance to become an accepted member by working hard and being respectful to others, no matter where he's from? I ask this question, because I'm interested in the american point of view about nation and your nation's self-definition. Thanks for all answers. Maybe it's my bad english, but what i mean by "American" is a US-citizen
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Justin Justin | 5 days ago
I am an American citizen of the United States of America. I came from China and entered the USA legally. I did not sneak across the border at night. I studied hard to become a legally naturalized citizen. I learned the history and laws of my new nation and how the government works. I took classes, an exam, and then swore an oath of loyalty to the United States. I am thankful for my right to vote in elections. I work hard every day and respect others but those qualities alone did not make me a citizen. I obey the laws of my new country, not just the ones that are convenient for me. I also learned how to speak, read, and write English and did not expect Americans to learn my native language in order to understand me. I am proud to be able to communicate effectively with other Americans and would be ashamed if I could not speak to them in their own language. When I am in public, I do not speak Chinese around other Americans. It is rude. I have no secrets to hide so I speak English. I followed the legal system and obeyed the laws of the land. I love the USA and am very proud be be an honest, productive, and legal part of her. I do not display a Chinese flag, Mexican flag, or the symbol of any other nation on my home or car. I only fly the flag of the United States. If you are going to live in the USA and take part in the freedom and prosperity of the USA, then you should honor the USA and NOT display the flag of some poverty-stricken country that is full of crime and corruption. God bless America! .
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Hartley Hartley
Well these days we asked about the same question (What would u call a Norwegian person?). As we all agreed on at least was that there is no right answer but i would say if u are an American u legally live in USA and u know at least a little about American culture, but i am not sure that u should know to speak the language. But at least thats what i mean and i dont think there is a right answer but my opinion is that skin color, place of birth, religion and so on dosnt matter.
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Eldwin Eldwin
Theres different types of Americans.. but all ideas make up an American... Im an American because Im a hard worker that lives within my means, im a patriot, I believe in the Constitution, would defend my country when it needed me most, To never give up in any obstacle that life throws at you.
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Casper Casper
Someone born in the American continent. No, my dear. Your english is perfect. "American" doesn't only mean "US-citizen". "American" refers to anyone born in the AMERICAN COUNTRY.
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