I'm traveling on the Greyhound bus the first time what bus do i need to get on?

I'm traveling on the Greyhound bus the first time what bus do i need to get on? Topic: 12 case st
July 20, 2019 / By Mortimer
Question: I'm from Tuscaloosa, Alabama and I'm going to St. Louis tomorrow morning this is my first time travel greyhound bus. I'm confuse about this schedule and i wonder know what bus do i need to get on whenever i get to the station. GREYHOUND BUS SCHEDULE Arrives Departs ( Start )- Tuscaloosa, Al 11:25am 1542 Birmingham,Al 12:25pm 1542 (Transfer) Birmigham,Al 1:00pm 0662 Huntsville,Al 02:40pm 02:50pm 0662 Athens,AL 03:25pm 03:35pm 0062 Nashville,TN 05:20pm 06:15pm 0062 Clarksville,TN 07:15pmn 07:15pm 0062 Paducah,KY 09:00pm 09:15pm 0062 Vienna,IL 09:55pm 09:55pm 0062 Marion,IL 10:30pm 10:30pm 0062 Carbondale,IL 10:55pm 10:55pm 0062 (End-St. Louis,MO) 12:50am
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Kelcey Kelcey | 1 day ago
Get to the Bus Station ahead of time, show your ticket to an agent and ask them where the bus will be. Most bus stations are like train stations and airports. You have to wait at the right gate or track to catch the right bus. Sometimes there will be a sign board that will show the bus # (in your case #1542) and what gate the bus will be boarding. If you don't find it, always ask a station agent or even the other folks waiting for a bus. The other big thing is your transfer in Birmingham to bus #0662. Once you're on that bus, you should be okay. All those other cities that are listed are just the stops the the bus will be making on its way to St. Louis. You might have to change buses, but talk to the other passengers, I'm sure they're going at least part of the way, so you can follow them. Or ask the bus driver. Good luck on your adventure!
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Herbie Herbie
You leave at 11:25am travel to Birmingham. When you get to Birmingham you will transfer to another bus (0662) then travel on the same bus without changing until you get to your destination in St. Louis. It makes quite a few stops, but check with your driver as far as how long you have before the bus leaves to eat or use the restroom. You must travel on bus 0062 to get to where your going. Stay close by. You'll get to St. Louis almost 24hrs, later from when you left Alabama.
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