Spa party help please?

Spa party help please? Topic: wide lined writing paper
June 25, 2019 / By Avon
Question: I am having a party for my 13th bday!! it is a spa/makeover theme! i have made like a planning list! tell me what you think! any suggestions? INVITATIONS: Roll up a washcloth with silk ribbon. Attach a piece of paper with a hole punch to the ribbon. On the paper, write the details! EATING ROOM DECORATIONS: • 1 roll of green crepe paper • 1 roll of pink crepe paper • 10 green balloons • 10 pink balloons SLEEPING ROOM DECORATIONS: • 2 rolls of green crepe paper • 2 rolls of pink crepe paper • 3 strings of green colored lights • 3 strings of pink colored lights • 10 green balloons • 10 pink balloons INDOOR FOOD: Decorate table with… • Pink tablecloth • Green plates, cups, bowls, forks, and knives • Green and pink M&M’s • Pink flowers • 2 green vases Main Course • Cheese and pepperoni pizza Salad bar with… • Iceberg or Romaine lettuce • Cheese • Cucumber • Mushrooms • Olives • Carrots • Tomatoes • Sunflower Seeds • Croutons • Ranch • Champagne dressing • Oil and vinegar Drinks in ice in large green bowl • 4 waters • 4 Cokes • 4 Sprites • 4 Root Beers OURDOOR FOOD: Decorate table with… • Pink tablecloth • Green cups and bowls • Green and pink M&M’s • Pink flowers • 2 green vases Big green bowl with… • Pineapple chunks • Grapes • Watermelon chunks • Strawberries Drinks in ice in large green bowl • Fruit water • Sparkling water • Plain water CAKE: Marble cake from Susie’s on green platter WHEN MY GUESTS ARRIVE: 1. Tell them where to set up their stuff 2. Give each of them a basket filled with… • A schedule of the day • A map • A brush • A hair elastic • One facial mask sample • A headband MANICURE/PEDICURE ROOM • Calm Water Creek sign • ½ roll of green crepe paper • ½ roll of pink crepe paper • 4 pink balloons • 4 green balloons • IPod • IPod speakers • Nail polish remover • Nail clippers • Nail files • 3 small green bowls • Foot soak • Cuticle • Hand scrub • Hand moisturizer • All nail polish • 2 foot baths • Towels • Pumice stone • Foot scrub • Foot cream • Cuticle treatment • 4 chairs • Outdoor coffee table • Rolling cart FACIAL ROOM Decorate table with… • Pink tablecloth • Fake candles • Seashells • Fountain Set out… • Mattress • 1 lounge chair • 1 rolling chair • Soothing sprays • Face wash • Scrub • Mask • Toner • Day moisturizer • Spot treatment • Lip treatments • Cotton pads • Washcloths • Towels • Eye mask • Lotions • IPod • IPod speakers MAKEOVER ROOM Decorate table with… • Pink tablecloth • ½ roll green crepe paper Set up… • Enhance Your True Beauty sign • Brightening Eye Liner (Black & Coffee) • Brightening Eye Color (Butternut, Pretty n' Pink, Silver Lining, Drama, and Matte Mauve) • Earth & Water Mascara Duo (Black & Brown) • Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Mascara • Shielding Hydro-Tint SPF • Shimmering Facial Whip (Lilac Petal) • Clarifying Pressed Powder • Natural Radiance Blusher (Glow & Bronzed) • Bronzing Powder (Warm Tan) • All Over Color Stick Lilac Petal • All Over Cover Stick Light • Therapeutic Conditioning Balm (Strawberry Crème) • New Moisture Care Lip Color (Baby Lips, Pink Lemonade '06, Maple Sugar • Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15 (Pink Kiss) • Plumping Lip Glaze Ruby Kiss • Hypershine Gloss (Joy & Flirt) • Powder Puffs • Blending Wedges • Smudge Eye Brush • Foundation Brush • Blush Brush • Total Face Brush • Eye Shadow Brush • Eyelash Curlers • Makeup Remover • Hairspray • Shine spray • Protecting spray • Smallest curling iron • Both barrel curlers • Straightening iron • Fine tooth comb • Wide tooth comb • Paddle brush • Round brush • Bobby pins • Ponytails • Big salon clips • Cotton Pads • IPod • IPod speakers • 1 chair PICTURE ROOM/SALT MAKING ROOM Decorate table with… • Pink tablecloth • ½ roll pink crepe paper • Before and After Photos/ Homemade Bath Salts sign • IPod • IPod speakers • Camera • Epsom Salt • Vanilla, Lavender and Gardenia essential oils • 4 glass jars • 4 green spoons ACTIVITIES: • Go in the hot tub BREAKFAST: Food • Pancakes Big green bowl with… • Pineapple chunks • Grapes • Watermelon chunks • Strawberries Drinks • Orange juice • Milk • Water GOODY BAGS: • Liplicious lip-gloss • Travel-sized lotion • Travel sized body wash • Before and after photos its my freking 13th bday! AND ITS IN A WEEK!
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Vivien Vivien | 5 days ago
Ok its your 13th dont get mad when they dont follow your precious plan because i tried to plan my sleepover and we only did one thing on my list and it was still the best party ever
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Shannah Shannah
If you're throwing an at-home spa party, you'll need a stock of products for your guests to enjoy. Here are some essentials to keep in mind depending on the type of treatments you'd like to have at your party. Mani/Pedi Party: Since hygiene is of particular concern when it comes to the nails, you'll either want to have guests bring their own tools or stick with disposable. Orangewood sticks are great for cleaning underneath nails as well as pushing back cuticles, and they cost next-to-nothing. You'll also need lots of cotton balls, nail polish remover, hand/foot moisturizers, files and disposable pumice stones. Have guests bring one or two polishes so everyone will have lots to choose from. Facial Party: If you're purchasing products for your group, buy ones that are formulated for sensitive skin. They are usually more mild and will most likely be best for several skin types. Again, some guests may feel most comfortable bringing their own products. Have lots of product spatulas handy so people don't have to dip their fingers into jars. Massage Party: If you're hiring a masseuse for your massage party, they'll have everything you need for a great massage. If not, get the solid massage bars instead of the oils. They slowly melt when they make contact with the skin and are much less messy than their liquidy counterparts.
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Oralie Oralie
sorry to tell you this, but it sounds meticulously over planned. im 13, and whenever me and my friends have sleepovers the only thing we plan ahead of time is the date and who's house its gonna be at. like right now my bff is sleeping on the couch beside me, and shes staying for another 3 nights. and the 2 nights before this we were at a cottage together. and we only planned this less than 12 hrs ago. see my point?
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Maisie Maisie
it too planned no offence and seems like a boring party too. i never over think a sleepover and i never do and everyone that comes to my house has fun and we dont have to have pink and green stuff
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