Cancelled wedding. Would I still need to pay more than the deposit?

Cancelled wedding. Would I still need to pay more than the deposit? Topic: Case single sign on email
June 25, 2019 / By Kearney
Question: Okay, I cancelled my wedding and I could not get a hold of the band I booked. I called them & left them numerous emails concerning my cancellation, and now, the day before the set date for the wedding, the band manager is calling me & saying he is going to take me to court. The contract however states that if you cancel the band 6 months before the date you forfeit half the deposit and if you cancel the band 3 months or fewer you forfeit the whole deposit amount. I cancelled it about 1 month till the date, and called him numerous times and never got a phone call in return. And also I signed the contract, but I never received the contract back with his signature for my records, nor do I know if he signed it at all. And between the time I signed the contract on my end, until today, I have not received one single call from him. Does he have a legal case against me? What should I do? He is saying that I owe him half of the total amount. But it states nothing like that in the contract. the contract was very plain, just name of location, time, place, and the amount that he would be charging. Also about the cancelling and keeping the deposit. I also have a copy of the contract without his signature, that was sent to him through certified mail.
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Heathcliff Heathcliff | 10 days ago
If you went to court, I guarantee their copy would be signed. Regardless if they did it many months ago, or the day of the hearing. The contract is the ruling authority. If you can prove that you called several times, you may be able to prove intent to cancel, and then it's on them. I'm not a lawyer, but it seems that if you can show you called, or better yet, if you have a certified mail receipt you've got a great chance. Oh yeah, if you do have evidence of that nature, the next time the band manager says, "I'll see you in court!", make sure you respond with, "I can't wait."
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Elioenai Elioenai
Does he have a legal case against you for what? Is he trying to get you to pay the entire contract amount? Does the contract only say that you forfeit 1/2 the deposit if you cancel 3 months or less or does it go on to say you owe the entire amount if canceling with less than 1 weeks notice or something like that? Does the contract specify how you need to notify them of the cancellation, e.g. in writing, via mail return receipt? If it does and you met those terms keep your proof. If it doesn't keep copies of your emails and get the call detail from your phone company showing that you made calls to his phone and you can take them to small claims court and try and recover 1/2 your deposit.
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Chase Chase
i dont understand what etiquette dictates here sorry yet i will aid you understand, if i've got been a customer, i might plenty fairly unfastened $250 than think of a buddy or member of my relatives married somebody out of a feeling of guilt it fairly is merely too super of a determination to make, and one you wont have made gently, they're going to comprehend, with any luck they are able to declare coverage, or take the trip such as you reported as a trip. i might talk to them in my view, say you're sorry for what has got here approximately, yet you couldnt struggle with the aid of with the marriage, and notice what they say, anybody with any coronary heart will comprehend your discomfort, no one will hate you, they're going to sympathize, and rejoice with you for being reliable
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Alvin Alvin
Go to the Citizens Advice Bureau, and they will tell you what to do about it. They are very helpful.
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