Paris, France - Pizza Parlor?

Paris, France - Pizza Parlor? Topic: Essay about place i have visited
July 20, 2019 / By Shanika
Question: Hi, i need to write ane ssay on paris. Im doing that but i want to include places i wanna visit so i have the eiffel tower, mona lisa, and these other places but i need info on the pizza parlor in Paris. Its a slanted building. i know nothing about it, but its famous. I Forget what its called. can anyone help? YEah thanks for those answers, I Know that it is in italy now, but does anyone know other places which i can visit in paris? well so i can put it down on my essay! please help! thanks =]
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Ora Ora | 3 days ago
The top of the Arc de Triomphe. The top of the big store Gallerie Lafayette; You can enjoy for shopping inside, than appreciate the view on Opera Garnier and Paris, and it's free... Sacre Coeur in Montmartre L'île Saint Louis: This is a little island in the heart of Paris. Many things to visit and do in Paris. You should buy a guide book for it.
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Ora Originally Answered: What are the steps i must take to study oil painting in Paris France?
great that you are selv tought / taught :) let me start with telling you that the best you can do is not go to paris , yes some years ago everybody had to go to paris , but just because you spend time in paris it will not make you a painter . also the art Academy in Paris is very difficult to get in , so you would end up at some second rate private school that live of young hope-full people that want to learn to paint in paris so i would suggest drop Paris , but if you still insist , write all the things you would like to google use google translate ( to french ) and you will find lots of schools they will expect that you will speak french . the best thing to do is , work for your self and make a plan how to get respect , or take a art school in the US first

Mahalath Mahalath
Many tourists visit the Père Lachaise cemetary for its famous "residents". A few miles from Paris, you also have the Palace of Versailles which has a nice hall of mirrors.
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Keysha Keysha
you can visit a: - montmartre and sacré coeur - louvre. - champs elysées and the arc de triomphe -stade de france ( at saint denis) -musée du quai Branly -musée du quai d'Orsay - Moulin rouge -institut of arab world -place de la concorde ( with a egyptian obelisque ) - Notre dame de paris ( like in the book of Victor Hugo ) - the pantheon ( where is Rousseau, Voltaire, marie Curie and lot of famous people ) - if you search to have fun the nigth , go at " mix", " metropolis" or " amnesia" !!! It's a little list of thing to do at Paris !! I don't know really what do you search .
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Jaime Jaime
Notre Dame, Montmartre, the Trocadero. If you want to add an unusual touch, there is a guided tour of the city sewers once or twice a month (les egouts).
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Jaime Originally Answered: Schengen visa refused for France, approved for Germany, can I travel to france from germany?
Yes. A valid Schengen visa gives you the right to travel to any country in the Schengen zone regardless of prior denials. Note that when you applied for a German visa, you declared that your intent was visiting Germany, not France. Spending your entire time in France could theoretically be considered a violation of your visa rules and could be a reason to deny you a subsequent visa. However these rules are extremely hard to enforce (unless of course you admit to such a violation yourself when applying for the subsequent visa).

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