Postage Online , best sites to use?

Postage Online , best sites to use? Topic: Java homework service
July 17, 2019 / By Lagina
Question: so im looking into starting this online postage for mailing things, work stuff, personal stuff, and found some companies working with the US Post office. like stamps.com Encindia, dymo, and wondered if anyone out there had one they liked, to print postage labels directly from home or work, and how they work, do you pay upfront a certain amount, like $100 and use up that amt for postage and then kind of "refill" your online postage avail funds. are any of these sites free w/ no monthly charge, and do they send you a "free" printer, means its really free ? or would I be better buying my own label printer for stamps and then just buying postage. input from those who are using this kind of feature would be very much appreciated.
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Jeni Jeni | 6 days ago
The 3rd party ones are not free. The usps.com one is free to use (but you will have to pay obviously for the postage). It's a bit of a pain to use the USPS one (you'd have to download the Java applets every time to print / etc). I have used stamps.com for so many years now and can't complain. Now it does international mailing, as well. I get an e-mail when a package is delivered, too--very handy. However, to compare both 3rd party, you need to do a little homework as their home pages (http://www.encindia.com and http://www.stamps.com) explain what they offer in term of hardwares and services.
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Ferne Ferne
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