On the Lord of the Flies section of the English Literature GCSE paper today, did anyone write about 'death'?

On the Lord of the Flies section of the English Literature GCSE paper today, did anyone write about 'death'? Topic: Section b english paper
July 17, 2019 / By Darryl
Question: All my friends wrote about Piggy, so I'm wondering if there's anyone out there that wrote about death, like me!! I'm starting to worry as to whether it was a bad choice! ~Mystic. Hi, I did exactly the same as you, but I didn't write about all the things you did. I did the death of the birthmarked boy, Piggy and Simon and talked a bit about death in general. I'm a little worried because I wanted to write about other things, but I ran out of time and knew I had to do the poems. Oh, and I did the same poetry question too, about Kid and The Laboratory in part b). And I agree that My Last Duchess is an awful poem, but I would have had to have written about in in part a) as well because that and the Laboratory are the only two poems I've studied from the pre-1914 section that involve women.
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Bree Bree | 6 days ago
I did the one on death. Just before the exam my teacher said she thought the character question would be either about Ralph or Piggy so it was quite funny that Piggy came up. The question about death seemed far more open to interpretation. I began with the near-killing of the pig in the early chapters, comparing the boys' attitudes towards killing 'the enormity of the knife cutting into flesh' and 'the unbearable blood' to their later chanting during the murder of Simon "Kill the Beast! Cut its throat! Spill its blood" - (I wish I'd managed to just remember the quotes like that in the exam - it would have saved some time). I think I spent more time taking about pigs than the people, lol but I did write at some length about the boy with the mulberry birthmark and how, although an accidental death it shared properties with the later hysteria-induced killings (squeezing in a bit about Simon and the dead airman). I probably wrote less than a paragraph on Piggy's death, focusing on the aftermath of both his and Simon's deaths and the near-death of Ralph. Then I rushed a paragraph about Golding's use of metaphor to cloak as well as bring to life the savagery of death, and its effect lying often in simplicity. ^That ran 10 minutes into the poetry section meaning I ended up writing to the last seconds for poetry and only just finishing on time. I did different poems though: Gillian Clarke and Seamus Heaney: -The Field-mouse -At a Potato Digging -Sonnet -Patrolling Barnegat (about one paragraph, mostly comparing war imagery). Good luck to everyone. I hope you all do really well.
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Bree Originally Answered: GCSE LORD OF THE FLIES: answering English Lit questions?
The moral is actually evil lives within all men and when society (the thing stopping people from doing what they really want) there is chaos. The children believe the unknown is what they should be fearing when really it's themselves. I'm not going to completely help you with your own homework but i can give you a few hints. The relationship between Jack and Ralph is very important; It's the battle for power. The conch represents power as whoever has it is the "leader". Ralph was basically pushed into being leader but he knows it's right to have that position as he is most sensible. Jack is clearly the wrong person for the job, with his bloodthirsty attitude. on the second one think about how they died. and the third one is easy, Piggy was the voice of reason, he appeared to be helping Ralph and when Jack says they're alike it kind of fuels his hate for Ralph because he dislikes Piggy too. It seems as if being sensible makes you... "geeky" as Piggy is presented there, so when the boys are given the choice as to whether to choose to stay with Ralph or Jack, Jack is a clear choice since Ralph is associated with Piggy. The death of Piggy was when everything went downhill and there was no stopping the chaos. Remember to mention the representative evil, or the pig's head. so yeah... im doing it for school.
Bree Originally Answered: GCSE LORD OF THE FLIES: answering English Lit questions?
don't over do religious element although it is part of the book. SIMON is the Christ figure not piggy he is the one who achieve enlightenment.who speaks to the devil feeds the "endless hands" and is killed for trying to enlighten others. piggy is selfish he is quick to blame others for the mess on the island like Simon's death and is selfish only confronting the enemy when it benefits him (having lost his glasses) not others. Piggy has intellect and represents the closest to a female influence (why he is mistaken for a Jesus figure). His flaw as i said is his selfishness. There is always a character question i suspect the beast this year although it is important to know all major characters fairly well. they're is then an open ended question this is what you should revise for not doing recently used questions which won't come up for a few years. these open ended questions are a lot easier to get full marks on if you know your stuff i'm crossing my fingers for religion but this has included the choice of title previously (which hasn't come up for a while so might be worth your time). but to your main question piggy is above for death you want to start with an over view of the island and how the audience might expect the deaths to occur (accidents food poisoning etc) you then want to do each of the 3 deaths and then finally how people respond to them. before linking it to the key themes/messages. jack and Ralph represent the conflicts on the island 1 paragraph on civilization vs savagery 1 on dictatorship or democracy these would be expected then you could do whatever you wanted. why the boys do such different things when they started off the same? are they 2 sides of the coin? after all Ralph enjoys the hunt they both desire power. try and come up with one original idea to base a paragraph on to push you into the top grade boundaries

Alexa Alexa
If your talking about themes I would think 'death' isn't a very good point. It only links to two of the characters: Piggy and Simon. The main theme I would look at is: The Evil Within Us. This is because you could link it to many things: Jack's bullying behavior, Piggy and Simon's death, the change in each of the characters, savagery. Good Luck.
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Tudor Tudor
i wrote about death and it went okk but i did run out of time :s all my mates wrote about death it seemed easier to me because you could focus on little bits of the book wat did u write about?? i did about the death of the boy with the birthmark, death of pilot, piggy, simon and the pigs :) which poetry quesstion did you do? i did carol ann duffy + simon armitage - the last question in 2 parts :) messed up cus i decided to do my last duchess :/ crap poem edit: i did the one about bitterness and pleasure? i did for bitterness - my last duchess and havisham for pleasure - the lab and hitcher i ran out of time on the lotf :s wanted to write about death in general and ralphs near miss but had no time!!!
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Tudor Originally Answered: ENGLISH LANGUAGE GCSE 3rd June (Today) (AM) AQA?
media 1 hour read all the questions for item 1 then spend 5 mins reading the first text highlight nefin dat is relevant to ne questions. same thing u do for the other questions in section a. then in section b if ur doing higher spend 10 mins planning ur answer and always hav roughly 5 good points to say 1 point per paragraph hope this helps

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