I am super nervous about college (lots of answers please)?

I am super nervous about college (lots of answers please)? Topic: Best excuses for missing homework
June 25, 2019 / By Aden
Question: I am going to a two-year college because I got bad to average grades my first three years of high school. I am a senior now, and have a 3.5 GPA, which is better than before. I'm planning to go to a prestigious community college. I will graduate high school in less than six months. I am really nervous. What are some ways to make me less nervous? Do you think I will do fine? Please share your experiences with me, or anything! Thanks! :) The low/average grades before was due to the fact that I slacked off :(
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Steffie Steffie | 2 days ago
Ok community college is not= to prestigeous. Its a starter school, or a tiny degree school. Any idoit can get it. (BTW i'm going to one ) Its not that much diff from high school, more homework, as you typically dont get any class time to do it, and its ussually a bit harder (IOW its not just doing it , you actually have to think) And you have a bit more freedom, but word of advice dont miss classes , some teachers give you points for attending , and its alot harder to catch up in college than high school. Not to mention some teacher wont let you make up a test with out a doctors excuse or proir to missing notice. Not anything to be nervous about, just maybe sad high school is over and the real world is even closer. Also summer classes are alot shorter , but cover the same amount of material so they are alot harder . Welp thats all i think of for now, any other questions ask away
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Quanna Quanna
a million. don't carry a automobile to school two. don't go away your laundry within the laundry machines unlocked for even a minute three. discover peers: school by myself can also be overwhelming four. in the event you cross to a location that presents complimentary appetizers; refill on the ones and take the meal house for the next day to come five.recognize your primary: if you do not know wherein you are going then do not cross to school 6. discover a low curiosity mortgage and take a look at to get scholarships. 7. i could advise a institution rather than your group school, however thats as much as you. practice wherein you'll be able to.
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Meade Meade
i don't think college is that much harder than high school. community college is a lot like high school so i'm sure you'll do fine
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Meade Originally Answered: Really nervous about college?
First of all -- DON'T WORRY !!! You should always try to do the best you can. But what if you don't get your first choice? Then go for your second choice, or 3rd choice. Besides being a brainiac, you have to have connections and just plain luck to get the top positions of anything. Imagine people who think they are going to be professional atheletes. Very, very few actually make it to the pros, even though they work insanely hard to get there. Face the fact that you can't undo your current grade record and if you over-stress about your SAT and ACT, that you probably won't do as well if you just take things as they come. Be confident in what you can do and don't worry about what you can't. You're a junior in high school. You have a long life ahead of you and if you're like most college students, you will change your major up to 3 times -- I did. As far as politicians go, these days personality/popularity has a lot more to do with getting elected than brains. Check out web sites of various politicians in your area and find out about their background. Most are rich. Our form of government is an elected aristocracy. You might also see if you can find out more about the sleazy side of politics. Do you really want to be part of that? If you end up going out of state, you WILL make new friends, guarenteed. Think of all the other guys who are out of state too and in your situation. You sound like you will have a bright future ahead of you, but be open to different opportunities. You may just fall into somthing that you haven't considered, but will end up liking immensely. Good luck.

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