As a 20 year old American, am I allowed to bring alcohol back from France on an airplane?

As a 20 year old American, am I allowed to bring alcohol back from France on an airplane? Topic: Suitcase shop
July 16, 2019 / By Amelia
Question: I am flying AirFrance next month from France to America and I very much would like to bring a few bottles of a local specialty wine back home. I am willing to risk packing it in my checked luggage. Is this legal? My parents can even be the first ones to pick up my bag when I land in the United States. There are no flight connections. I check in when I am legal to possess alcohol in France, and I land in the states and my parents could pick up my suitcase right away. Also if I bought the same thing at the duty free shops inside an airport terminal would I be able to take it off the plane. Thanks.
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Best Answers: As a 20 year old American, am I allowed to bring alcohol back from France on an airplane?

Walter Walter | 2 days ago
First your parents would not be the first to pick up your luggage. When you arrive and after passing immigration you will pick up your luggage and go to customs. They may inspect the bags. You must be 21 to bring liquor into the US. A duty free shop only means that you do not pay tax in the country where purchased. It has no effect on US customs.
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Russ Russ
nope. If you do buy it, you need to claim it on the customs form you have to fill out upon returning to this country. Granted, you can always not claim it, pack it deeply in your bag (not your carry on, since you can't travel with more than 3 oz bottles of liquid) and hope for the best. I don't recomend that one though. I flew in from Paris to Toronto Canada, had no problems there since the drinking age is 19 (I was 20) but was nervous when I had to go through American customs in Niagara Falls. I made it through, but we even more nervous for my friend who had bought fireworks (not a smart idea eather). Again, if you don't claim the wine, (and your parents are the first to pick up the luggage) you still run the risk of customs opening your bag and then you are in trouble....well, worst case senario is they take it away and you can claim ignorant ("oh, I didn't know since I was legal when I bought it and it is a gift for my parents anyway") It is just an overall risky thing to do, but good luck and have fun in France!
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Mose Mose
Most states do not allow minors to possess alcohol I put a link below, although when I was 18 years old I brought wine back from France and did not have any issue in customs.
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Kelly Kelly
Nope! lame i know! If you are in any other country you an most likey buy and drink alcohol legally, but once you get to security to come back to the States you cannot bring back alcohol. If you are traveling in Europe you can buy alcohol say at a duty free shop, then carry it to another European country and still be underage, but once you head back to the States the laws here apply to you again!
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Heron Heron
No it is illegal for you to possess them in the US. However you could have them mailed to your parents from the wine shop. Your parents cant pick up your suitcase before you go thru security and they will confiscate it due to your age. Have the wine shop crate them and send them or do it yourself.
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