Do people eat baby birds in france?

Do people eat baby birds in france? Topic: How to write a short news story
June 25, 2019 / By Kyran
Question: i'm writing a short story and i want to make sure it's accurate. i'm talking specifically about baby chickens, inside of eggs. does anyone know?
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Best Answers: Do people eat baby birds in france?

Isaac Isaac | 2 days ago
No. Unfertilised eggs are eaten boiled, sunny face up or scrambled just like in America. Chickens are not eaten till they are fleshy and certainly not before they have come out of their shells. What were eaten at one time were tiny song birds called "Ortolans" the bones of which were so soft they could be eaten. If you have seen the film "Gigi", she is taught how to eat one and taken to a smart restaurant and has to eat one ( with great reluctance).They were considered a great delicacy, but now it is illegal to kill them, so you can no longer eat them. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnew... If your story takes place more than ten years ago then it would still have been possible to eat them then.
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Farran Farran
If you mean chicken eggs - then the French do eat these, as do people in most other countries. But, if you mean the little bird that has developed in the egg and before hatching, no - no-one that I know of eats this, certainly not the French.
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Curt Curt
Not inside the egg, no, that is not at all part of our food tradition and I never heard of anyone eating that in France. We do eat young chicken. Not chicks, though we call them poussins (chick). They are already 5 or 6 weeks old and weight in at 250/300 gr.
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Assur Assur
You are referring to fertilized eggs and the "baby chickens" in the eggs are actually called embryoes (in the English language). No, French ppl do not eat fertilized eggs. But they do eat rabbit sausage, rabbit stew and lamb's heads (yes, you can buy a lamb's head in supermarkets). Some health food nuts in the US do eat fertilized eggs though most Americans would think that is gross.
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