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Question about applying to a college? Topic: University of reading admissions office
June 16, 2019 / By Jimi
Question: I'm clueless. My school doesn't have a guidance counselor and neither of my parents went to college. So, when you apply to a college, you send in your transcripts, which has your most recent ACT score on it. A lot of the colleges I'm applying for will basically have the scholarship and admission application as a two-in-one thing. If I retake the ACT and get a higher score, what do I send to the college so they can know my new score? Do I send an updated transcript?
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Goliath Goliath | 10 days ago
Your ACT scores must come direct from ACT. Doesn matter if your school transcript have your scores in them, YOU must get them sent from ACT. Call the university's admissions office. Ask if you can send in a second ACT later, and they deadline date to get it to them. You would not be sending in your HS transcript again. You would have the ACT send in your second score to all colleges you applied to. There is a cost for doing this, Read universities web site for info. Talk to their admissions office, go direct to colleges for a visit, nmeet with admissions. Go to your public library and get yourself informed there is a whole section on colleges covering all aspects of college
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Goliath Originally Answered: Question about applying to a college (Drexel or a SUNY school)?
Well if the email came from an address such [email protected], or something like that with an .edu at the end, then it is probably not a scam. If you are actually considering drexel as a school you want to attend, then apply there even if the application fee is not waived. The SUNY app is a simple application. Basically all you do is go to the SUNY website, select which schools to apply to, and fill out the info. You don't have to fill out multiple applications, just one for all. The app cost $40 i believe. After you fill out the info and pay the fee, the schools you applied to should contact your school or guidance counselor and request your transcripts. Also, with the SUNY app, you upload your essay yourself so make sure you have it saved on your computer.

Driscoll Driscoll
What do you mean your school doesn't have a guidance counselor? Every school has one. And as far as the scores, you can send the updated scores to them directly. They should have a file started that they could just add to it.
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Driscoll Originally Answered: Applying for college this summer?
The earliest you can apply is August 1. That's when applications for the Fall 2016 admissions cycle will be made available on the "Apply Texas" website, which UTPB and all other Texas state schools use for their applications. If you meet your 1100 SAT score requirement for UTPB, it would be a great idea to apply in August. Senior year is a busy time, so the more you can get done before school starts, the less stress you'll have. Also, the sooner you apply, the sooner you'll get your decision... and if you're accepted, that can be a big sense of relief. Even if you plan to give some other schools a shot, at least you know you're definitely going to college somewhere. Will you get your decision before school starts? Well, that depends on how early your guidance counselors will be back at work before school starts. In addition to your application form and SAT scores, colleges will need a copy of your high school transcript, and that will need to be sent straight from your school. Your counselor or school registrar will probably be back a few weeks before school starts, and they should be able to send it in then. Before school is out this year, check with your counselors. Let them know your plan to apply first thing in August, and ask them how to go about getting your transcript sent as soon as possible. By the way, keep in mind that the 1100 SAT requirement is your math & critical ceasoning scores only. This doesn't include the score from the writing section.
Driscoll Originally Answered: Applying for college this summer?
Check their deadline schedule. Some universities don't accept applications before August 1 or September 1. So time your application to get there right after they start accepting applications. With any luck, you'll hear back quickly and will get in. UT-El Paso has a high acceptance rate and might be a good back-up school for you.

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