I have no work experience, but I am applying for a job. How do i create my resume?

I have no work experience, but I am applying for a job. How do i create my resume? Topic: how to do a cover letter
June 16, 2019 / By Allen
Question: Hello there! I am applying to Pacific Sunwear soon. However, I understand PacSun holds group interviews and 1:1 interviews. I would like to stand out in front of the crowd. I read that it is extremely crucial that I make a resume and a cover letter. I'm sixteen. I have no work experience. How do I go about creating this resume and cover letter since I have no work experience?
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Best Answers: I have no work experience, but I am applying for a job. How do i create my resume?

Tawny Tawny | 9 days ago
Hi. I love that store! Well I have been on many interviews, and you definitely want to stand out from everyone else that interviews! I have had lots of help creating my personal resume, and yes the cover letter seems like a petty thing, but employers highly recommend it. Go to this link, it has a lot of helpful tips on what types of cover letters for specific jobs. It gives you a list of great interiew questions as well. It's a general list of what might be asked of you in the interview. It definitely gave me some ideas on how to "impress" on a interview. Good luck!! Hope you do well! http://www.getonlineschools.com/career-placement/resumes/. Brandi
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Tawny Originally Answered: If a person has no work experience or done any voluntary work who do you make a resume?
Most first part-time jobs usually don't even require a resumé. If I was you I would just find go around and ask small shops if they're hiring.

Robin Robin
You don't have to have a resume to apply to Pacsun unless you are trying to get a manager position but considering your only 16 that's highly doubtful. All you have to do is fill out an application from the store. I was hired there when I was 16 and considering they are probably hiring for Back to School seasonal what they are probably really looking for is someone with open availability. The best way to stand out at an interview is to know your PacSun stuff. They want all their employees to know everything they can about the brands!
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Modesty Modesty
Hello,,,The best way to apply for a job without any job experience, is to highlight what skills you have. For example:: Are you an out-going person? Do you enjoy talking to people? These are the kind of interpersonal skills an employee is looking for, if you plan on applying for a sales person position. To a future employee, your personality is what counts the most. It's how you come accross in your job interview that determines whether or not you get hired, regardless what amount of job experience you have. *********************** From: [email protected] If you need a business loan, please visit:http://www.loansdemanded.com. Richard Westlake is a Financial Consultant who works as a Loan Broker.
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Linette Linette
Without work experience you are limited but work with what you have. Emphasize what you have as far as school and voluntary work. It's important that you give the impression at least that you work well with others and can take basic instruction. At this stage you are wasting money to hire a professional resume writer because you don't have anything for them to work with. We offer help (free) on our resume blog to get you started.
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Kaleigh Kaleigh
achievements, things you did through school (cpr certification, my high school offered this through health class), list your current school and the year you started - present (if you're continuing school), and also make a list of skills you have (such as computer skills, people skills, problem solving), and a few objectives (since this is a retail position, mention objectives such as wanting to learn skills to build sales and create positive customer satisfaction, etc) i had an interview recently and have most of this on my resume as well as babysitting as work experience from when i was 16 (i'm now 19) and they seemed really pleased with all the info and asked me some questions related, but i think it really helped them understand that i'm trainable and willing to learn. that always looks good.
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Gytha Gytha
Emphasize your achievements in school and establish how those experiences make you a good candidate for the job.
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Dixee Dixee
You cannot have a resume if you have no work experience - it will be blank !!! A resume will show work experience, and since you have none, all you can do is fill out apps wherever you apply
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Carlene Carlene
give life experience i.e school work,volunteer work Pac Cun is use to people with zero experience
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Carlene Originally Answered: Is it possible to write a resume without any work experience?
Course you can - millions of people do it every year. The trick is to talk about what you have done that gives you transferable skills- playing football means you can work as part of a team etc. Google school leavers cv and there's loads of helP. Good luck!

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