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Toddler party help? Topic: Apple case stickers
June 25, 2019 / By Clement
Question: My twins boy&girl birthday is in a couple of days. They are doing a prince and princess theme party. Does anyone have any ideas about games/ favors / stuff for parents to do / food / & should I get one or two cakes?
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Amran Amran | 2 days ago
okay first sorry this is SOOOO long but i really tried to put in some thought to help you out because i know how stressful it can be trying to play a party for toddlers as i have little triplet toddlers (their my brothers and sisters) and one year me and my mom planned one for all 3 of them. and their like 13 years younger than me. Def do one cake if it is a small party or if its a big party do two cakes... I would sugest pull apart cupcakes wich are basically a bunch of cupcakes together with a design like on top of cake but instead on cupcakes in case u didnt know. Its a lot easier to do and its a lot less messy and kids get to have fun because they get to hold their ''own piece of cake'' and theres a lot less fighting over who got the bigger piece. As an activity u could do make your own crown and just get a bunch of prince/princess crowns from the party store and then get some cool beads and stickers to put on them. You could also have them play dress up or they could play pin the tail on the donkey. You could also have every one pick a partner (doesnt have to be boy/girl) and go to the ''royal ball'' and let them dance to their favorite music and then u could also play games like freeze dance and musical chairs. Also maybe face painting or they could do tattoos. Have every one come in their best prince/princess attire and take a bunch of pictures and then send them to all the moms via email. U could also do a castle pinata and have every kid like up and take a stick and each kid gets 3 wacks and when all the candy falls out each kid has a bag and they have to grab as many pieces of candy as they can. I loved to do treasure hunts and those are always super easy and if the kids cant read yet than u can have the parents help with that. For food you could have little mini sandwiches like pb&j and cut them into little squares or, you could do a fruit plate and little cheese and crackers. or maybe like mini hamburgers. Pizza is usually what i have at my parties but im 17. for drinks just do a choice of water and lemonade or apple juice or something and if u want, milk. Juice boxes and pretzels are always handy. For party favors make goody bags for every kid and due pink for the girls or blue or green for the boys. You can let them take home their crowns that they made and just fill the bag with silly stuff from like the dollar section of maybe target or Walmart or a store similar to that. Inside you could put some bubbles, those things that you blow and it makes noise and roles out straight (sry forgot what their called) and also put some candy in there and a thank you card basically saying something like ''Thank you so much for coming to my party. I hope you had a lot of fun and thank you for the present i really like it.'' your friend - So and so. Also i know they make little candy rings and necklaces and for boys you could to gold coins. As for the parents u could just sit down and have something to drink and just have a nice conversation and help the kids make their crowns or if the parents wanted to they could join in the activities to. My mom always liked to play bingo and she would have prizes since where she worked she could get alot of stuff for free at me and my siblings parties. hope this helps:) good luck:)
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Ruth Ruth
Princesses could make jewelry and tiaras. Pretzels and juice boxes are always a good thing to have. I would get two cakes if your family will eat whatever is extra. This isnt alot but hope it was helpful!
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Nelle Nelle
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Louise Louise
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