I have been married for a year, but only been with my wife for 1 mth of it, deployed. lots of distance, fix?

I have been married for a year, but only been with my wife for 1 mth of it, deployed. lots of distance, fix? Topic: Are one of the sister wives leaving
June 16, 2019 / By Braeden
Question: married a year, deployed 9 months, she is moving down with me, but she feels a lo of distance, making me feel weird. she got close to her sisters bf while i was gone, and tells him how she feels, instead of me. i want to fix ourmarriage, but seems like i am doing all the work, and any step forward i make, she takes 2 or 3 steps back. she says she feels weird around me, but i know she loves me, but i don't know how to fix the distance. i think when she moves here, and is away from everyone up there since i left, and her sisters bf, things will get better. but wwhat aam i doing wrong, i am here for her, she knows how i feel, and she won't talk to me. on the phone its like talking to a wall, txting, she replies with a quick txt. "Luv u 2". no emotion, same responce for anything i tell her.she just won't open up to me, i don't know how to make my wife happy again. she says its not me, she is just depressed about leaving her hometown for the first time. Can anyone help? i wanna make her hpy The thing is, she don't like the guys, he was heir high school bus driver, ut he was there when i was not, and someone to talk to about stuff guys are eeling, she doesn't like him, but she is the only one on her side of the family to not be pushing him away from her sister. She is moving down here with m, and she does feel like maybe we got married to fast, but she is still happy we got married and is still in love with me. It's just, from a womens perspective, i am not to sure on how to resolve the distance of not being together for the first year. Will her living with me and it just being us in a loving household help? and what can i do to let hr no I am not going anywhere? I will be by her side the rest of our lives. we are both 21, but, being in the Marine Corps has forced me to grom up and get mature, while she is still like a college kid, no offense to her or college students, just that I know what i wantin life, and i want her, and her to be happy. All Women, what can i do?
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Best Answers: I have been married for a year, but only been with my wife for 1 mth of it, deployed. lots of distance, fix?

Adina Adina | 4 days ago
She probably is depressed about leaving and not sure what to do with someone she's been married to but hasn't really seen most of the marriage. This is one reason why I never recommend getting married when a deployment is imminent but nothing you can do about that now. She may not be able to handle being away from them. Being a military wife/child requires a lot of people that they think they can handle until it is right in front of them. Back off for a while and let her move on up. If things don't improve right away I'd seek a counselor or minister to talk about what might be going wrong. After that whatever is meant to happen will.
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Stephani Stephani
bless your heart, i feel sorry for you. first let me say that she should have came to you with her problems, not the sisters bf. you should be her best friend and confidant. with that she should be able to tell you anything. without that you really have nothing to work on. are you sure she is happy? and if she knew you were going to be deployed, and she was okay with it then, why isn't she now? i don't think your doing anything wrong hun, i just think she should appreciate what a great husband she has, and she should be grateful that you want to talk about it. most men would'nt. good luck!! okay so i just read the rest. maybe she dont feel that ya'll got married to soon, but do u? i think if she is like a young college chick, that she may have some wild oats to soak, and i think you should take a breather, and just sit back and watch. things may change when she moves up there.
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Queenie Queenie
Stating the word deployed makes me think military so I'll say this, tell her to seek out other military spouses. They are an immense help when it comes to this. I've been on both sides of the "fence" (former military and former military spouse) so I know that it helps to surround yourself with people that are in the same boat as you. You support each other throughout the deployment. Best of luck to you!
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Meave Meave
she is probably scared, moving away is a big thing i know when i got married and we moved on our first orders i was scared 2 death thinking i was leaving everything behind. my husband is always deployed so i understand her side too. give her time if she really loves you she will come around. introduce her to other spouses so she will see that she is not alone. best of luck to the two of you.
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Lavern Lavern
i guess is gonna be hard at the beggining but with time she will get use to it you should also try to talk to her. express her all feeling you have. and try to find a solution good for both of you. talk to her and see what she wants.
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