Can a teenager gain money using youtube?

Can a teenager gain money using youtube? Topic: Article writing videos on youtube
July 20, 2019 / By Regana
Question: I am 17 years old and I would like to know if I can gain any money by cooperating with youtube even though I am 17 years old be specific
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Michelyne Michelyne | 1 day ago
yes you can, just convince parent to make an adsense account (dont use your email address unless you lied to it about your age when you signed up) and then use their account to monitize your videos. So far I have made like $40 and growing! :) ~Luke P.S. I just wrote an article called "how to get more views and subscribers on YouTube", essentially it is everything I wish I knew when I started out on YouTube. This will def. help you out if you are trying to get more people to watch your videos! Link to article: http://www.squidoo.com/how-to-get-more-v... Hope it helps you!
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Michelyne Originally Answered: How do you earn money as a teenager?
*** g96 3/8 Freedom From Unemployment—How and When? *** Creating Work at Home • Baby-sitting, child care • Selling homegrown vegetables or flowers • Sewing, altering, and repairing clothing • Piecework for manufacturers • Baking and food preparation • Quilting, crocheting, knitting; making macramé, pottery; other crafts • Upholstering • Bookkeeping, typing, home computer services • Telephone answering service • Hairdressing • Taking in boarders • Addressing and filling envelopes for advertisers • Washing and waxing cars (customer brings car to your home) • Pet grooming and exercising • Lock repair and key making (workshop at home) • Ads for much of this work can be placed free of charge or at low cost in weekend shopping news or on supermarket notice boards Creating Work Outside the Home • House-sitting (when people are on vacation and want their home to be looked after) • Cleaning: stores; offices; homes and apartments after construction, after fires, after people move out; housework (in homes of others); windows (business and domestic) • Repairs: appliances of all kinds (libraries contain easy-to-follow books on repairs) • Handyman jobs: siding houses; building cabinets, doors, porches; painting; fencing; roofing • Farm work: crops, picking fruit • Interior landscaping and plant care at: offices, banks, shopping plazas and atriums, lobbies • Property management: janitors, superintendent (sometimes includes free living quarters) • Insurance, real estate • Carpet installation, cleaning • Newspaper routes (adults and children), other delivery services: ads, bills for municipalities • Moving, storage • Landscaping, tree trimming, lawn care, woodcutting • School-bus driver • Photography (portraits and public events) • Bait for fishermen • Swap work: barter car repairs for electrical work, sewing for plumbing, etc. “The work of their own hands my chosen ones will use to the full.”—Isaiah 65:22
Michelyne Originally Answered: How do you earn money as a teenager?
You could make a CV and hand it into some shops you might be interested in working at the weekends or holidays. How old are you? I'm 15, do you think i'll be able to work as an Avon Representative?
Michelyne Originally Answered: How do you earn money as a teenager?
Hello I've Few Ways to earn online. I'm showing you below:- No-1 Now I'm going to show you the name of best free webhosting site. It is not only a webhosting but also a way to earn online. So I'm showing you the way of hosting and earning online. Step-1---Go to http://tinyurl.com/rsf-webhost.com Step-2---Now Sign up for a free account. Step-3---Now Create a free website. Step-4---Sign up for affiliate program Step-5---Now Create A banner From Affiliate program and post a link into your website. Step-6---Refer visitors to our website using your affiliate link and you will be paid $5 for each signup which stays active for at least 30 days. If You need Any Help Then Just E-mail Me [email protected] No-2 Now I'm going to show you the best survey site. Step-1---Go to www.tinyurl.com/rasifs Step-2---Now Sign up I mean create a free account Step-3---Now Complete Surveys (It only takes 1-2 munites to complete each survey and you will get about 4$ for completing each surveys.) Step-4---Refer people to earn more money. No-3 Now I'm showing you Another best Way To Earn Money Online Step-1---Go To http://tinyurl.com/rsf-neobux Step-2---Now Sign Up For A Free Account. Step-3---Now Just Click On Every Advertisement And Wait for only 30 seconds and you will get .02$ for every advertisement you click. Step-4---Refer Your Friends To Earn More Money. ( You will get .02$ Every friends clicks on advertisement) So Enjoy.

Lexi Lexi
Yes you can. At first you have to upload some videos and than when you get a lot of views you can use partnership program and post ads in your videos. I have a youtube channel and geting some extra cash.You can follow my source link to learn the whole method. Thanks
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Lexi Originally Answered: How can a young teenager make money resonabley?
im 15 and what i do is go down to the grocery store and buy a lot of the store brand soda and resell it for a dollar. its usually about a 90 cent profit per can.
Lexi Originally Answered: How can a young teenager make money resonabley?
Okay, Little-One-with-Big-Dreams... :-) Your revised question is how to design an ad/poster that tells people about your babysitting/Mother's Helper service. I know you're probably not too interested in the educational value of this by itself, but your poster (and your $ problem) is a good lesson in advertising... Put on your "thinking cap". Imagine that you're a mother (or, ask your Mom what she needed help with when you were younger. Step 1 is identifying the problem. What do Moms need help with? You (and your babysitting/helper business) is there to solve that problem. Step 2: Show how hiring you is going to help! Step 3: What are your qualifications? (I know, I know, you're 14 and this is probably your first job... but still...) Have you helped out you Mom? Any other relatives? Church or community help in the past? Those people (yes, even relatives) can be used as references. You can list such things on your poster as "References Available Upon Request". If you're artistic, you can draw an eye-catching little picture -- perhaps something like a Mom with eight overflowing arms, each arm filled with a baby or laundry basket or mop, broom, etc. Whatever it is, make sure it catches their eye. If you're not so artistic, make it look "professional". Simple, clear lettering that's easy to read. If you want to add another element of "tugging on the heart-strings", you could add, at the bottom of your poster, that "all proceeds/earnings go towards tuition at the Frenchwoods Festival of the Performing Arts Summer Camp, 2008" By the way, my circumstances growing up were similar to yours... I ended up getting a scholarship to the New England Conservatory of Music. Hard work pays off, and don't you ever give up, Little One. If you've got a dream, it's there for a reason. Go out and get it. Whatever you learn on the way there is meant to be. Keep up the good work!!!

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