Who is the president of France?

Who is the president of France? Topic: Writing a report cover letter
June 16, 2019 / By Karenza
Question: If you answered Jacques Chirac instead of Nicolas Sarkozy, you may already be the president of the United States. Obama was supposed to be the smart, sophisticated, internationalist who was going to restore respect for America, right? Well, it isn't working out that way, though the American media are doing their best to cover up the story. Our allies in France, whose opinion of America used to mean a lot to media elites, are stunned to discover that the President of the United States hasn't got a clue who their president is. The wonderful Don Surber reports: Obama sent a letter to the French president, and called him Jacques Chirac. Maybe Barack Obama was too busy running for the next-higher-office (which is his his one strength) to bother reading a newspaper or a magazine or even a book to discover that they held an election a couple of years ago and elected L'Americain, Nicolas Sarkozy, as president. The American media has ignored this faux pas. But the French have not. One does not need to read French to understand the point of the Le Monde cartoon. For some reason Sarah Palin don't look so bad anymore, didn't I tell you people?? Oh! Link! Right! Zer you go: http://www.acus.org/new_atlanticist/obam... anozer quote: "Sarkozy is reportedly miffed and at least one cartoonist, Herve Baudry, is having a field day." Oh, ze bouffoon! Ze white haauz is holding hostaje a fool! It was suggested.. people that he wrote to Chirac, not confirmed. Those of you who don't read the fine print, have lost this one! Besides, what would the media do - or not do when it comes to Obama?? It turns out there's more fools out loose that I thought!
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Harmonie Harmonie | 9 days ago
The article you cited includes a statement from The New Observer explaining that Obama was merely sending a polite response to a letter Chirac had written him in his capacity as foundation head. As usual, the Obama detractors are trying to make a scandal out of nothing.
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No, I don't think it is the job of any president to be setting those sorts of policies. I suspect the French socialist president's popularity is going to be sinking fast for a variety of reasons. People will be fleeing France with the new and improved tax rates. I think he is meshuga.

Dominica Dominica
Well, I'd love to jump on the bandwagon to bash Obama, but the story isn't exactly true. He was writing to Chirac not as President of France, but at the Chirac Foundation for Sustainable Development and Cultural Dialogue, which does international projects to help combat poverty, etc. This goes to what I tell left-wingers all the time - whenever a story sounds too good for your side, check the facts, check the source. This is one of those stories that raised red flags for me, so I looked for the source. Luckily, I am still fluent in French - it's in Le Figaro, in the "rumors" section. The comments on it (and they're just as vigorous about politics as here) finally found the truth - it was a response addressed to Chirac at his foundation. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to criticize Obama. This, apparently, isn't one of them.
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Carreen Carreen
Like O'Bama the president of France is a lawyer an advocate to speak better! and they do know what they write.It's typic to understand that poeple vote for words and slava... Like O'bama he is half stranger his veritable name do be Nagui di bosca and his father do be born in central Europa in Hungary born in France here the right of soil that to say if you are born in France you are French He is elected with a rep label but care the label don't show the inside of his mind and he belong to alter mondialist and hire a lot of masons. In fact here we have had few choice only the right to choice the color of the jackett for the puppet.Care here pink color for leftist and blue for Rep! You know that on each side we use to joke on the other and there are typic joke on Mac Do on Texans.....and sure about foreigner politic you work sometimes like elephant at crokery shop! or are you pushed by a particular lobby? Fe Saddam was not our main ennemy he was only a bad school boy playing with a slingshoot but you don't trust France and he was keeping shuted the cover of the devil boiler.He was sunnite and fought the hell the chiites our ennemies remember war Iran-Irak but explain this to Bush he was just able to make a difference beetwen an horse and a cow and wanted to finish his father's job! Into the bargain Irak was a republic not ruled by the coran and charia. Now you kicked the nest full of hornets. A mean country do be Saoudia Arabia and with the money of petrol they islamizise Africa .With the muslims the mean is the one who keeps silent! All the press here was on the side of Hossein O'Bama you know the relation the newspapers do belong to the cousins and I recall Brice Lalonde candidate versus Chirac cousin of J Kerry their mothers are sisters. Especially "Le MONDE" a leftist cabidge leave and some journalists are Trotskist.Sure they would not slam O'bama's back with a lie. It do be the truth but you can excuse this mistake as a lapsus manu. The worst is the fact that behind them O'bama and Sarko there are the bankers.... In fact you speak English but you are nearer with the bill of Right and the constitution of France and remember the Independance war and later Jefferson coming in France to redact your laws.He was instructed on all including drawling for buildings,visited the military school etc. I really think in spite of joke that most part of poeple here would prefer the north America union to the European communauty and remember our vote again the European constitution dutch and Ireland same vote. May be possible you would prefer a président half french than half Kenyan:he sure would better knows the constitution and the foreigner politic.... We have had so few good candidates that some poeple were thinking to Clinton he do be born in Ark a State of Old Louisiana and in this case he would be naturalised French quickly there are accords like for the driver licences. It seems that on each side we choiced the worst the meanest. In fact we are allowed to regret our king we were a great country. Louis 16 would speak good French and be instructed. Mrs Obama don't spit on France he allowed the marriage master with black slave but they must be both christians It was the bad side they use to conver not so nicely founded the laws that were applied in Louisiana befor 1803. Obama président let us recall the history from indepandance war,civil war to soviet revolution to explain differences beetwen Commies and Trotskysts very important to understand big part of US politic especially with O'Bama. Greetings from hard Rep cousin
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Angelique Angelique
Without seeing the whole letter, I can not get after Obama. It would be no different than Sarkozy willing to work with Bush, Carter, or Clinton. We still call them president.
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William William
Oh, ze bouffoon turns out to be you! You fell for an internet rumor specifically designed to make our president look bad. Perhaps you should do a little more research before expressing your faux outrage for paragraphs at a time. http://features.csmonitor.com/politics/2009/03/23/obama-writes-letter-to-chirac-blogosphere-goes-crazy/
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Sean Sean
i'm uncertain that Sarkozy would be a good president. And once you mentioned that Bush is a good president, do you quite think of that each and every of the greater youthful individuals (and the different adolescents that needed the eco-friendly card) who lifeless in Irak are questioning such as you? ;-)
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Neely Neely
Depends on who you ask. Le Figaro link where the original article appeared: http://www.lefigaro.fr/actualites/2009/03/19/01001-20090319ARTFIG00357-confidentiel-barack-obama-a-ecrit-a-jacques-chirac-.php
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Kian Kian
Get your facts straight. Obama was replying to a letter from Chirac, not addressing his letter to the sitting president of France.
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