I need to know the average size of a 15 year old's penis?

I need to know the average size of a 15 year old's penis? Topic: Average case size
June 25, 2019 / By Dymphna
Question: Hey guys i was just wondering the average size for a 15 year old's penis because i dont wanna be embarrased i think im about 4.5-5" is that normal? Thanks for all u guys help
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Cedar Cedar | 10 days ago
dude im like 25 and not much bigger so dont worry who cares about the size of your penis unless you want to get in to porn then your screwed (or not as the case may be).
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Cedar Originally Answered: What is Average Penis Size for 15 year old?
Hey Johnny. You're already on the average/above average scale for full grown men, so don't sweat it. =) It's possible they could be 8 inches, but the may also be lying to hide their insecurities. But it's also worth knowing that your height is NOT relevant to penis size. It's a myth that most people buy into because they think of the penis as a limb. You see short girls with big boobs, don't you? Think of it like that. Hope that helps. =)

Annie Annie
hey, you shouldn't ever be embarrassed about your penis or its size because what girls find most attractive is being confident in your own body. the average size for a 15 year old's penis is a little under 6 inches which means you are below average, but you shouldn't let that worry you. at 15 everyone is at a different stage in puberty so you will grow over the next few years. the good news is that it can keep growing until you are about 22. you are totally normal and your penis will get bigger if you are still worried or have further questions email me, i am a 15 year old guy [email protected]
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Xzavier Xzavier
ok your completely normal in your size and in wanting to know if your normal haha. im 15 and 6". the average size for kids your age is between 4-7. it really depends on your genetics though. everyone is different and, like some people dont start getting taller until college, some peoples penis's dont grow until there older too
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Shelah Shelah
ouch. don't let them lie to you. that's small. and that aint going to get any bigger. your already 15. now that you know, you should try workin on other skills like lickin a pus sy. cause you might have to be really good at that. anyway. you ask and i answered, not trying to be an azzhole, but that's just the way it is.
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Noble Noble
don't you worry it normal i have 7" and i am embarrased becoz it is little bit curve left but you know what mostly laddies like curve one.
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Kory Kory
Your wiener is very small I'm sorry. J/k Average for an adult is exactly that 4-5 inches.
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Kory Originally Answered: What is the average penis size?
If penis size really mattered to all of us, only guys with massive wangs would reproduce. This is clearly not the case, or else we would live in a society ruled by tripods and men would no longer be able to sit down on toilets. The proof is in the pudding. Your penis is fine. Your insecurity and need for validation from girls is not. Also, to the guy that recommended you lift weights to increase your penis size--that is complete bs. There is absolutely no correlation with weight lifting and penis size. Lifting weights before you've completed your last growth spurt is a terrible idea because it causes your bone platelets to close prematurely. Ever wonder why pro gymnasts that start at an early age are generally short? Being short in stature is a much bigger turn off than having a short penis.

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