Is France single mother student friendly?

Is France single mother student friendly? Topic: How was your holiday essay
June 16, 2019 / By Bab
Question: This Q is confusing a bit I know.... but what I mean is that I am a single mother from US now in Norway... The country offers free tuition for college and a lot of aid for myself and child where I practically do not have to work.... I am really interested in going to France but want to know how are their social service towards single mothers, child care etc.... Even some sites will help thanks....
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Abra Abra | 4 days ago
I am afraid that you will be very disappointed by the following facts. Norway is not within the EU and has its own rules. You are an American citizen and the EU has stringent requirements for admission into any of its member states since the Schengen agreement has been signed between member nations. Although in theory university tuition is free in France, it depends on which further education establishment you would want to apply to. The first requirement for admission in a French university is that you should be fluent in French and you have to sit a test to prove that you can cope with lectures,essays, research, etc...before they offer you a place. You would then have to apply for a long term visa, for which you would have to fulfill a number of conditions, then a residence permit for both of you. You would not get a grant for your personal expenditure and would have to prove that you can pay for your upkeep and your expenses. By law you would have to get an insurance for yourself and your child to pay for any medical care before being admitted into the EU. You would not be allowed to take a job for the first year and after that you would be only allowed to work for a few hours a week, if you can find work, which at the moment is extremely difficult. Highly qualified French university graduates are now taking menial jobs to survive as the unemployment is so high, and understandably employers tend to take on people from their own nation before employing foreigners.You would have to find someone to care for your child, as creches are over subscribed and there are long waiting lists, and renumerate this person. You would not be eligible for aid or a child allowance as you have not paid anything into the system. If, having managed to fulfill all the conditions and studied there for one academic year's duration, you wanted to continue your studies, you would have to apply to renew your visa and if the university was dissatified with your attendance or your performance this would not be renewed. One of my students was Tunisian and had just given birth when she got her student visa. She desperately wanted to come to France to do her research so she had to leave her baby behind with her mother -in- law and, unable to afford the fare to go back for holidays, did not see her child for the length of the academic year. In view of all this, and since the Norwegian authorities are so open handed, it would be much more sensible and easier to continue your studies there. For websites about studying in France see: http://www.ambafrance-us.org/spip.php?ru... http://www.campusfrance.org/en/
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Abra Originally Answered: Full time college student, single mother, not working.can she be kicked off food stamps?
This is wong. I was a full-time student & got food stamps. They cannot do that because you have now income. A student loan or pell grant is not an income. I think your counselor is clearly misinformed. I even had a job, but wasn't making more than $400 a month & was still available to get all my food stamps with no problem. They told me I didn't make enough to lower my stamp amount. Someone is not doing their job. What state are you in? Check the regulations of your state for food stamps, but you should still be able to get them because you have no income.

Sybald Sybald
I don't think you will find those standards in France. There are aid for single mothers and stuff but you have to meet certain requirements. You will get bogged down with red tape and facilities for children are filled to capacity. France as a rule is a country where everything is complicated. You can browse this website to get an idea about welfare https://www.caf.fr/wps/portal/ I think the fact that you are not French and that you don't hold a passport from an EU country will disqualify you for most things on top of that universities in France are quite bad. My advice don't go to France is you can study in good conditions in Norway.
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Patsy Patsy
Nothing to add to the above. Wise Owl very thorough answer covers everything. I just repeat the same message, stay in Norway as you will not find such friendly terms in France. I know that it is usual for Americans to consider France as a country where we only have to hold out our hand to get government help and where we can freeload and enjoy life on the dole but in fact to get help you first have to put money in the system and go through a strict approval system, this is true both for the French and foreigners.
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Lorn Lorn
pass into the social centers/welfare workplace and get in touch with the voc rehab workplace and see in the event that they could grant help to discover a place to stay. perchance you are able to qualify for some government classes in view which you're disabled and espresso earnings? additionally call charities like United way, Catholic Charities, Salvation military and see in the event that they could grant help to out in any respect. i recognize that a number of those communities provide out help like emergency lease information so that they could recognize of a few supplies.
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Jayden Jayden
I agrees avec the above below under but, nonetheeelese, disagreed with those words re-emplying French universités. The French educaturalle système are brilliant - they houses where I lean my english!
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