A poem I wrote about my close friend who passed away?

A poem I wrote about my close friend who passed away? Topic: How to write a poem about your best friend
June 16, 2019 / By Kendal
Question: i've never written a poem before, so this was very difficult for me. I want to add to it but i don't konw what i should, i'm going to be saying it in front of a big crowd in a couple days and i was wondering if you think it's any good and what i could add to make it longer? Thanks in advance.. As I look back, I remember the times we shared You always made me happy, you always truly cared As I look back, I remember your smile Boy, it lit up the room, made us all happy for awhile... As I look back, your laugh comes to mind Unique and contagious, the best kind you’ll find As I look back, I think of your love You had so much of it, I know you still have it up above As I look back, do you see me looking back? Do you see how much I miss you, the happiness I lack? But I’ll be strong for you, just like you taught me to be We’ll meet again someday, just wait and see As I look back, I think of you Amazing, perfect, and forever my best friend too
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Hilary Hilary | 10 days ago
Hiya, i love your poem: i think it's lovely and very moving: - i think your best friend would be honoured by your heartfelt words. * * * * "May you see God's Light In your journey ahead When the road you walk is dark. May you always hear, Even in your hour of sorrow, The gentle singing of the lark. May you always remember When the shadows fall - You will never walk alone." May God give you internal-strength, And your best friend: Heaven's-peace. ( Thank you for your post )
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Hilary Originally Answered: A poem my close friend wrote about myself - what do you think of it?
I think you mean what do we think of this kind person more than what do we think of the poem, yes? I think you've got a friend who treasures you and isn't afraid to say it. Priceless. As a poem, I think it's a nice starting place. You know as well as anyone how to help your friend improve it if that's your wish: Some line breaks for emphasis and interest, some subtraction of unnecessary words, and it wouldn't be half bad.

Elric Elric
First of all, i'm very sorry to hear about your friend. Remember that they are always watching over you. Second, I think this is such a touching poem because you wrote it Straight from the heart and you really mean it. I don't think you should make it any longer- i think it's amazing as it is now. But if you would like to change it, don't let me stop you. xoxLena
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Clare Clare
while deceased pals or kin look in objectives it isn't the choose or choose of the dreamer. it incredibly is the % of the deceased to convenience, supply closure or tell the dreamer something they in no way reported jointly as residing. The words or strikes they create to the dreamer are the fact, they in no way lie. This chum of yours will continuously watch over you! As for eating off the comparable plate, meaning you 2 shared very friendly and relaxing circumstances yet not as much as you or he might have cherished (through fact you ate little in you dream). He incredibly did love you and your daughter. continuously keep in mind the sensation you had once you woke up from this dream, that's how he needs you to keep in mind him.
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Ammiel Ammiel
That was a great poem. I'm sorry about your friend, but i know what it feels like my friend died just two months ago.
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Ammiel Originally Answered: My friend wrote a poem. He would love some opinions if you may?
Gabe, your 'friend' has produced a piece of writing that shows conflict and emotional intensity, not to mention ambiguity, but it will require some further structuring to be a successful poem. First, may I say that I think free verse is the correct choice for this poem, because rage is not a mannered thing! The Russian structuralists would say that we make meaning in part by selecting an appropriate idiom for our self-expression, and part of that process of choice is the structure of the poem itself. That being said, let me now speak of both general principles of that idiom and the particular strengths and weakness of your friend's poem. First punctuate properly. Next, and equally importantly, give careful attention to line breaks, which are now more important than ever because the manner in which you finish one line has an effect on your reader's understanding of both that line and the next. Your individual lines of course must be able to stand as units of expression by themselves, i.e. they must have 'line integrity.' Use some phonological texturing, but for this poem not too much; you want it to be stark. Finally, change your second stanza sharply. I would write the poem as something along these lines: Black and Purple "I love you." Savage hands Fly at her."I love you." Blows thrown, nose broken screams "I love you," but she falls, broken, gasping, purple rag doll on the floor, silent, free. The pistol is still Useful. "But not myself." Do you see how the scene has been set without describing so much. Your reader has an imagination; make him use it. All in all, this was a decent first draft, but it has been improved substantially with these changes. I hope that helps you and your friend.They are always so much like us you know...

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