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June 20, 2019 / By Harcourt
Question: I need some kind of idea for my english assignment. Its been a week and now I still can't think of something to write about. We are to create a story in the theme 'mermaid'...I hate this topic. I need to be Fresh and interesting. Just a few points would help me a little. Just help me out here please. Any samrt comments will be reported. everyone is doing the little mermaid...It annoys me that I might have to end up doing an even shittier version of that.:/ any better ideas?
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Ehud Ehud | 2 days ago
Write a story about a female marine biologist that is out scuba diving alone one day and she discovers a wrecked UFO on the bottom of a remote bay. There are live aliens in it and they capture her because they are afriad she will tell other scientists about them. They are not evil aliens they are just afraid that they will get dissected. They give her some freedom by making her breath water instead of air by using alien technology, then they can let her out with her giving away their secret. After several days she figures out how to escape back to civilization by making her old scuba gear give her water to breath when she is out in the air. She goes to the laboratory to tell the other scientists about what happened to her, but the other scientists only see her as a waterbreathing fish-girl, so they decide to dissect her. The end.
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Carey Carey
So it has to be a mermaid story - - - could you take a story that you are familiar with, like a fairy tale or such, and change the setting and characters so that it fits the requirements? sort of like a rewrite of a classic?
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