Girl in my class, how do I fix this (followed friend advice, and that wasnt good at all)?

Girl in my class, how do I fix this (followed friend advice, and that wasnt good at all)? Topic: Yeah no homework on the weekends
June 25, 2019 / By Selina
Question: Thanks for taking your time:) I am 17 years, and she is 16. We go too college, and the classmates you have for everyclass (its netherlands) So ive had over 5 weeks of school now, and there is this girl I realy like, and I dont just mean like, I got big crush on her. (I realy like about 1/100 girls I think) She is amazing, great personality, and she looks good too. And she is one of a kind girl, if you know what I mean. But she is also shy, so that makes things also a little harder since, I was very shy too. Here is the story: -Met her in class, and added her on msn, and we talk alot there. -Only I messed up, because: I asked her out through a video (realy dumb, since we didnt realy know eachother too good then, after two weeks) And then I after a week, I asked her out again through msn kinda, also not good. And finally, I hided a note, just wishing her luck with homework thing we had too do, and wishin her nice weekend. She didnt say no too it, but also not yes. But yeah shoudlnt have asked her out because we didnt realy know eachother but a friend said too move fast and just ask her out like that. So yeah, I screwed up pretty bad, and I got the feeling, she probally thinks of me as a loser/idiot/stalker/shy man. But the damned thing is, that was what a friend suggested me too do those things, and I did that. I learned many lessons here!! I wasnt myself with her those weeks. But I realy want too fix this! And I want too be myself around her, and not the shy stalker guy that my friend made me into. And I still believe that there is a chance with her, and like I said she is an amazing girl, and I wont take the advice just get over her, because I cant! She rocks! So how do you fix this?
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Ohndreea Ohndreea | 4 days ago
Be blunt. Walk up to her during lunch or something (if you feel intimidated when shes with her friends, just wait until you can catch her on her own) ...and just tell her. Say, i feel embarrased because I think i made a fool of myself asking you out so soon, and would love to have a second chance to get to know you a little more :) She will respect your honesty... and if she doesn't...... or you get a cold response...... ....then basically this is a sign shes not interested, just move on :) Not forgetting of course she could be extremely interested already and fall head over heels for you :P What you got to lose? ;) Good luck
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Madison Madison
Whatever you do dont listen to that friends advice again! Just sit down with her and talk with her about anything. Be casual, dont move in because if she is shy she may not take the bait and youll be sitting there feeling like a fool. Just strike up a conversation and see if you two match on how you feel about things and keep talking with her for the next three or four weeks - very casual. Apologise for asking her out and ask her whether she is allowed to see anyone. Next, casually ask her if she is interested in anyone, or is seeing someone. If not let that go for another week while you chat her up some more. Finally ask her if she could where would she like to go on a date...
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Kenya Kenya
Be straight up with her. That's what girls want most, trust me. And, you won't sound like an idiot explaining it to her, because I just read it. And you don't sound like an idiot at all. Just tell her the truth.
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Izzie Izzie
If you are gonna ask someone out do it in person if at all possible. Try and like explain yourself than just try and talk to her like before and be her friend.Then you could try asking her again
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