How do you balance work and school?

How do you balance work and school? Topic: Done school papers
June 16, 2019 / By Bobbie
Question: Just wondering how people do it. Cause I go to school full time but don't really work. I occasionally hear people who go to work full time and go to school full time. How is that possible? Double full-time? Then again, maybe it is. Do those people work/study every waking hour with very little time to play or relax?
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Alanis Alanis | 1 day ago
It really all comes down to Time Management. If you schedule your classes in such a way that you're able to get them all done early in the day and then have a couple of hours to study/write papers, etc. before you go to work, you can get quite a bit done in a short amount of time. Those that work full-time and do school full-time have to prioritize. Watching t.v. or going to a sporting event might sound very nice, but school and work have to come before that. It is a sacrifice that one has to make if they want to be able to work full-time and do school full-time.
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Alanis Originally Answered: How to balance grad school/work/and a new baby? Please I need ideas?
Having completed my MA with a new born, I understand your concerns. Let me try to address at least some of your questions, although I don't have a magic answer - I certainly don't have an answer to your financial question which sounds like the biggest one. Specifically, you asked whether you can complete grad school online. Check out franklin.edu. It offers both MBA and MCM programs online. It will also be offering a masters in business psychology in the next couple of years. This university caters particularly for the working adult, so you would not be alone in your attempt to balance work, family, and school. Have you thought about having your husband take care of your baby while you work? Since you will probably need to pay for your Masters, it would seem difficult to finance both if you want to be at home. Well paid, online work opportunities are few and far between. However, with a masters degree, you might be able to find online teaching opportunities. As far as balancing school and a newborn, I wrote when my baby slept. Not easy, but it can be done. I wish you well!
Alanis Originally Answered: How to balance grad school/work/and a new baby? Please I need ideas?
The general rule in life is that you don't start two new things at the same time. This is why new teachers, for example, are encouraged not to get married at the same time they're starting their first school year, and why people usually won't buy a new home at the same time they're starting a new job. You can't adjust to that many changes at once and expect it all to go well. With your husband making only $15,000 a year, which puts your family well below the poverty line, it doesn't make any sense to invest that much in a Master's degree right now. I would especially not bother doing it on-line unless you're going to go through a *public* college like Charter Oak State or Penn State-World, since for-profit colleges like Phoenix, Kaplan, and Penn Foster are just going to soak you financially and put you dramatically in debt. If you have the desire to go to grad school, you *will* go eventually. If you go now, however, when you have all of these other changes going on, you're going to get severely burned out and quit. That's going to be worse for you in the long run than taking a few years off to deal with more important things in life, like taking care of your baby. What you may want to consider is finding a job that pays more than your husband's, which should be possible due to your credentials, and then seeing if he would stay home. You're in a better position to provide for the family right now than he is. I would consider that as an option.
Alanis Originally Answered: How to balance grad school/work/and a new baby? Please I need ideas?
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Travis Travis
My mom always used to say... if you want something done, ask the busiest person you know. And it's true. When you have a lot on your plate, you learn to manage your time and work efficiently so you can fit it all in. I know a few ladies who work full time, raise kids, take classes, chair committees... they're crazy busy, yet they're always the first ones to step up and volunteer for projects that their less-busy friends just "don't have the time" for. Those ladies don't have the time because they aren't used to managing their time well. They don't have as much going on, so they work more slowly, because they know they can... and therefore it takes them the same amount of time to do one task as it takes busier people to do several things. Yes, when you have a lot to do, there is sometimes a bit less time to play and relax. But if you really want to - or have to - take on multiple responsibilities, you learn to do what needs to be done.
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Travis Originally Answered: How do i balance high school and a job?
It's funny how you don't want people to say you aren't "mature" enough for a job. HONEY, there are kids your age asking how to check if you're pregnant on here! You are far beyond mature, good job (: also, I am going to be a senior this following year and I could tell you this: high school will only get tougher (except maybe senior year, but I don't know for sure haha) so if you plan to keep up and get good grades (especially if you're an advanced and competitive student like me) I advise you to face your priorities: mine (and should be close to yours) is Grades/classes/credits/homework, maintaining a healthy lifestyle (like sleeping enough and working out maybe), THEN it might be work/jobs (although I don't have a job) Unless you are well into sports like me and is working towards a sports scholarship, than that goes close to school/health. Other than that make sure you have time to have FUN. I also advise that you don't work EVERYDAY. Either weekends only or some weekdays. You won't be able to keep up if you work too long for too many days. Make sure of this. Good luck <3
Travis Originally Answered: How do i balance high school and a job?
I admire you for trying to get a job so young! I used to work at a McDonald's (in VA, so I'm not too far away from you!), and we had a lot of 14-15 year old workers. Fortunately, you won't be working much at all when the school year starts, so it shouldn't be too hard to balance school and work. Just study whenever you have the opportunity (on breaks, etc). I remember the kids I worked with at McD's worked 4-8 a couple evenings a week... maybe a little longer than that on the weekends. You shouldn't be working enough to disrupt your school schedule. Open up a savings account as soon as you start working. Put most of what you make in there, but be sure to treat yourself now and then, that way you don't feel like you're working for nothing. If you pass a big test, go out and buy you a pair of shoes, or a concert ticket or something... that should keep you on track! I went to college from 8:30-2:30 every day, and worked 4-12 at McDonald's every night AND a second job on weekends... you can do it!

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