School Makes Me Depressed?

School Makes Me Depressed? Topic: I have too much math homework
July 20, 2019 / By Naftali
Question: I checked my grades. Here they are: Art A+, Band D ((I SHOULD be getting a different grade seeing that I have a 92.00% on my test today)), Environmental Sciences A+, LA C-. Science D+ ((I have three homework assignments missing)) and Math D- ((A class I struggle with, so mom won't let me get lower than a D.)) I just hate this.. My teachers all assign too much homework. I really wish that they'd understand we can't be getting this much work. It makes me so stressed out. All of my teaches hate me, so sometimes I think that they grade me poorly because of my mistakes. I can't take it. Please, what shall I do to calm down? I now have to stay after school for 3 hours to do detention. Just. Because. I. Am. Struggling.
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Kenrick Kenrick | 10 days ago
I understand, used to get bad grades too especially in Math and Science. I couldn't take it anymore so I'm now enrolled in an online school and I'm doing very good. You might wanna try online schooling at your own pace.
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When looking at Facebook, keep in mind that your perception of people is distorted by the content people express on Facebook. People are unlikely to 'post' pictures, where they are not smiling, or post status that are overly pessimistic. This doesn't create a positive image of themselves. Really, Facebook is like a form of 'self-advertising'. Some studies have been conducted about Facebook in this regard, and they support this hypothesis. If you feel that the site is a negative experience for you, then it would make sense to deactivate it for now. You can come back to it once you are feeling better about the site, or keep it deactivated forever. Whichever you feel suits you best.
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I would. I think facebook is a very unhealthy site. People take themselves way too seriously. Besides, why would you continue to do something that makes you feel sad? Believe me, after a couple of weeks with no facebook you will wonder why you were ever hooked in the first place.
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Stop worrying. Communication skills are diminishing with all this tech ****. I'm only 23 and I see it. People won't be able to communicate with body language soon which makes up close to 80-90% of it all. I deleted my facebook after one year of use. I saw a bunch of people who acted like they thought they had a chance of actually becoming famous from fb. That's when I laughed and hit delete account. I can imagine it's much worse a couple years later...
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dont worry, i also get paranoid like that sometimes. some ppl just really cant grasp how rude it is not to reply, or for some its not in their culture. i am very depressive as well and when i see the happy statuses on my news feed i just become jealous and angry. but yeah, even if ppl are not replying on puropose, dont give a crap! dont make a bunch of worthless beings ruin your day.

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You do need help. Listen, its a sad fact of life that some parents are bad parents. In an ideal world, every parent would nurture and encourage all their children equally. They would be glad for their childrens achievements and wouldn't try and push their own aspirations onto their children... but sadly, not all of them are like this. Your parents are being ridiculous, and very selfish. You luckily have that core than tells you that they are being unreasonable, but I agree that doesn't make it any easier. Just do everything you do for YOU, not them.. You have the intelligence and resources to make a success of yourself. So, maybe you are not as academically bright as your genius brother , but you will have gifts he doesn't. Your parents constant hero worship of him will not help develop his sense of humility or modesty, believe me. I grew up in a house where my older sister and brother were GODS, and I was just an irritation. But I grew up to be the most successful. I don't mean in a possessions or house way, but they are both failures, and I have a good life and a happy family. People who have had difficult upbringings like you and me are always nicer people. You will reach the stage where you can leave that hostile environment and build a whole new life, with nice people and friends. You are in the right here. Your parents are wrong. Please believe that.
Kenrick Originally Answered: School and parents are getting me down and I'm getting depressed?
I've skilled it firsthand. See, My dad and mom obtained pregnant with me whilst my mother used to be 18, and my dad used to be 17. They obtained married proper after commencement. They now have three children (a while 14, 12, eight) and feature separated and reconciled 6 occasions in view that I used to be two. My dad is presently attempting to return to institution and now my dad and mom are divorced. I have not obvious my mother, brother, or sister in endlessly. I recognize that in the event that they waited longer, they could've recognized that they were not intended for each and every different after which I would not be having the disorders I am (i.e. panic assaults, random spells of crying, insomnia, despair, and so on...) I'm going to look to it that I move the reverse course with my existence, in order that my kids would possibly not publish with what my siblings and I did. I wish this responded your query, or helped in any respect Sincerely Yours', Katie H. (Age 14)
Kenrick Originally Answered: School and parents are getting me down and I'm getting depressed?
Your parents care about you. They want you to be successful in life so they are pushing you as hard as they can to try to make you do better in school.

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