How to balance living on your own, school and a part-time job?

How to balance living on your own, school and a part-time job? Topic: Graduate school homework help
June 16, 2019 / By Jamar
Question: I want to move closer to my school in an apartment (maybe with a roommate) and a job (I guess part-time cuz I'll be in school). How do I do it, or is it even possible...?
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Foster Foster | 10 days ago
It is possible. I went back to school in 2004 and I worked 35 hrs/wk during the day and went to night school Monday-Thursday from 6-10 p.m. I paid my own way, but I did have to borrow some money for tuition and books. I also had absolutely NO time for ANYTHING else except work, school and homework. If you're not on your own yet and your parents are willing to help with your school expenses, take advantage of it. That is much better than having to borrow money which you will have to repay after you graduate. I'm still paying $100 per month on my student loans, and will be for another 5 years.
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Foster Originally Answered: Does anyone have tips on how to balance time out easier?
If you're going to nap, sleep only 30 minutes at most. My schedule is VERY similar. I have practice at 5 AM, to 6:30 AM. My school starts at 7:25 and ends at 2:35. Then I go directly back to swim practice at 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM, 7 PM to 8 PM of dry-land. What I do is sleep in my Chemistry class (but you don't need to do this). You should try your best to stay awake until your 4 PM practice. After that practice, you'll be awake. Do not stray away from your homework or studies. If you need a break, then rest for a little after you finish that subject or something like that. Do NOT close your eyes, then you will only fall asleep. I have 4 A's and 2 B's, but the B's are very close to A's. Do your homework as fast as you can. Then, spend the remaining time studying, then stop when you fell like you're going to sleep. If you NEED to get the studying or homework done, splash your face with COLD water to wake you up.

Davy Davy
In today's market of high unemployment it is impossible without financial help from your parents. You need at least 2500 a month to be on your own. You will never earn enough part time to pay your bills
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Davy Originally Answered: How do i balance high school and a job?
It's funny how you don't want people to say you aren't "mature" enough for a job. HONEY, there are kids your age asking how to check if you're pregnant on here! You are far beyond mature, good job (: also, I am going to be a senior this following year and I could tell you this: high school will only get tougher (except maybe senior year, but I don't know for sure haha) so if you plan to keep up and get good grades (especially if you're an advanced and competitive student like me) I advise you to face your priorities: mine (and should be close to yours) is Grades/classes/credits/homework, maintaining a healthy lifestyle (like sleeping enough and working out maybe), THEN it might be work/jobs (although I don't have a job) Unless you are well into sports like me and is working towards a sports scholarship, than that goes close to school/health. Other than that make sure you have time to have FUN. I also advise that you don't work EVERYDAY. Either weekends only or some weekdays. You won't be able to keep up if you work too long for too many days. Make sure of this. Good luck <3
Davy Originally Answered: How do i balance high school and a job?
I admire you for trying to get a job so young! I used to work at a McDonald's (in VA, so I'm not too far away from you!), and we had a lot of 14-15 year old workers. Fortunately, you won't be working much at all when the school year starts, so it shouldn't be too hard to balance school and work. Just study whenever you have the opportunity (on breaks, etc). I remember the kids I worked with at McD's worked 4-8 a couple evenings a week... maybe a little longer than that on the weekends. You shouldn't be working enough to disrupt your school schedule. Open up a savings account as soon as you start working. Put most of what you make in there, but be sure to treat yourself now and then, that way you don't feel like you're working for nothing. If you pass a big test, go out and buy you a pair of shoes, or a concert ticket or something... that should keep you on track! I went to college from 8:30-2:30 every day, and worked 4-12 at McDonald's every night AND a second job on weekends... you can do it!

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