Wow does this just makes you shake your head and cringe?

Wow does this just makes you shake your head and cringe? Topic: Case story hiv
July 20, 2019 / By Clyde
Question: (Alabama) - 32 year old Julio Cesar Cruz Martinez sits in a Baldwin County jail charged with rape, sodomy and sex abuse. Alleged crimes involving a young girl under twelve years of age. During an interview, investigators say Martinez dropped a bomb on sheriff's deputies and the victim's family. A revelation that has compounded this tragedy. Sgt. Tony Nolfe of Baldwin County's Sheriff's Department says, "he did confess to several of those acts. Later in the afternoon, he did disclose to jail personnel that he was HIV positive and the health concerns for the victim are being addressed." There's another twist to this case. Sheriff's deputies say Julio Martinez may not be the man he say's he is. "Mr. Martinez is apparently an illegal alien. His identity is somewhat still in question. We have not been able to confirm his identity or certain facts about his back ground" says Sgt. Tony Nolfe. Investigators say the victim, the victim's mother and the mother's fiancee had been living with Martinez for the last few months. Investigators say Martinez has been living in the Fairhope area for the last two years. http://www.wltx.com/FYI/story.aspx?storyid=42142
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Best Answers: Wow does this just makes you shake your head and cringe?

Anthony Anthony | 5 days ago
"Chief Wachusa" If this particular illegal alien were not in our country, the young girl he raped would not be a victim. PERIOD. Do you comprehend?? You can point your finger at any criminal in the world and it will NOT change the irrefutable FACT I stated in my first sentence.
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Tracy Tracy
Yes and so do these links. JonBenet Ramsey - The Single-Scene Profile Charles Albright surgically removed the eyeballs of his prostitute victims. Dr. Ramsland examines the bizarre psychology of this former science teacher and Cub Scout leader. Betsy Mary Smith murder 9/3/07 Spotsylvania, VA *killed with a sledgehammer, then stabbed and raped by her brother. Why is your focus on their Illegal status and not their crimes. Can you really be thinking if we send them back crimes such as these will just magically drop or stop?
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Sage Sage
If open borders advocates get their way this will be commonplace!!! The more i listen to tom tancredo and Duncan hunter I applaud their immigration stance!! Time for a change in immigration thought!!
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Neve Neve
Makes me sick ,and sad about the girl,and why did the parents have an illegal in their home,they asked for trouble to start with,Id say if they can live with the decision they made they should at least have the balls to shoot the sum a beech.
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