What makes JK Rowling a great author?

What makes JK Rowling a great author? Topic: Jk rowling writing a new harry potter book
July 20, 2019 / By Corrine
Question: What's JK Rowling's secret... what makes Harry Potter so much better than other books? We all know Harry Potter created a revolution and won the author, JK Rowling, a higher worth than even the Queen. There are PLENTY of great books out there, but what do you guys think the real secret to Harry Potter was? How did it get so popular? What makes it so good?
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Bethany Bethany | 1 day ago
I think that JKR is a good author because she wrote about a whole different universe. She created a whole new world and her story is just awesome! Her writing is not the best, but it's good. Her books are read by people of all ages, and unlike some other books nowadays, they send out good messages and teach kids about important morals and about life, such as good vs evil, love, friendship and lots more. Yea, there might be other better written books out there, but I consider HP to be the best book ever, and JKR a great author.
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Aggy Aggy
JKR creates a world in which we would all like to live.....she causes us to deeply care about the characters as if they were our own friends and family...you also feel attached to the characters because we feel we have been through their happiest, most dramatic, and most heart-wrenching moments alongside of them. another aspect is the plot...it takes so many twists and turns, you are always suprised and in each chapter there is another little hint that keeps us wanting more and keeps us from putting the books down! i also think it is the message that love can overcome all....as humans we need love more than anything else. we also relate to the story because Harry is an imperfect hero. we are so used to perfect literary characters that Harry Potter is a refreshing character as well as the rest of the HP crew :) I also believe that it is some God-given gift the author has that enables her to weave such a story! lastly, JKR creates such a complex, different world that we want to be a part of it and maybe be a wizard for a change......it provides an escape from the trials of life and just causes an inexplicable roller coaster of emotions that leaves us satified, but not unscathed at the end of the journey :)
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Tikva Tikva
She just had something, I should know I've read them all like five times, yes I'm a loser I'm eighteen and read Harry Potter non-stop. Personally I agree with the people above me but would simply like to add that some Christians and Catholics may believe she sold her soul to Satan for such talents.... lol
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Raleigh Raleigh
you can get into the technical stuff or the theme stuff. 1. she is an exemplary writing style with dynamic characters and a plot to knock your socks off. She uses a style that incorporates mythology to tell the story for her. and latin and greek roots to name her characters (which can tell you a lot about them) take for example, Draco Malfoy, draco means Dragon and Malfoy can be broken into Mal Foy. Mal meaning Bad and Foy meaning Faith. so Draco malfoy literally translates to Dragon of Bad Faith Same with his father, Lucius -> Lucifer... i rest my case and the creature she uses have their own well known histories that contribute to the story. 2. Her plot is dynamic and classic at the same time. she brings new spin to the age-old good vs evil story. She uses characters that anyone can identify with to fight against the darkness that is in all our worlds. we can identify with these characters and the evil harry battles in himself as he grows up. Not only that, but the world in which this takes place is beautifully developed, not just rotating around the plot, but as a story in itself. And as if that wasn't enough, the stories have the unique ability to capture children and adult's imaginations
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