What makes BJJ the best kind of jiu jitsu?

What makes BJJ the best kind of jiu jitsu? Topic: Problems when developing a research design
June 16, 2019 / By Kole
Question: from what i've read, jiu jitsu originated in japan, and since then other countries have created their own variations. but it seems to me bjj is the most popular. what is the reason for that?
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Imlah Imlah | 7 days ago
The answer is a very complex one: There are several reasons why its more popular, but the main one is its history in competitions. People/marital arts systems tend to gain popularity when they prove more wins come from their system's use than others (Bruce Lee's TKD). Before UFC, the Gracie family had been winning competitions with their jiu-jitsu. Then we have the UFC victories (which most of those fights were controlled via contracts before the fights took place). This means that fighters who faced a Gracie had to sign a contract that told them what type of techniques you could not use against them during the fight, hence "controlled." The last reason is that BJJ was/is strictly developed for use in sport-like competitions (unlike traditional jiu-jitsu). Traditional jiu-jitsu is similar to that of its Chinese predecessor "Chin Na." Where the techniques are designed to control the enemy, yet prevent oneself from being vulnerable to both, the enemy in application and any possible enemy outside the initial conflict. You cannot do so if you are on the ground tangled and wrapped up nice and tight with one enemy now can you. Traditional jiu-jitsu can be used against multiple attackers (much like Aikido), yet BJJ is dangerous and down-right stupid when in that situation. To note, jiu-jitsu is also and can also be used in sport competitions, but BJJ has taken all the fame with its dominant use in the UFC and MMA in general. Like any true martial artist would do before or during their study with any fighting system, they would/should also study the history of their chosen system. The MMA fighters are famous for their lack of this display of respect and discipline in the "warrior arts" (so they refer to it as). It opens the enlightened knowledge about the key aspects and reasons for that very system's birth, development and purpose (expression). Jim R: first off BJJ was structured from Japanese jiu-jitsu and not Judo. Gastao Gracie learned from a Japanese immigrant named Mitsuo Maeda Koma (world champion of jiu-jitsu) in 1918). You can check the history on that too. This is the problem with MMA fighters and enthusiasts alike, you jump in without doing any research or obtaining any knowledge on such arts involved. Seondly, Jujutsu is the romanization of Jiu-jitsu. In laymen's terms...its the same thing, just different spelling. Much like Ninjutsu, Shinobijtsu, Bujinkan and To-Shin-Do. Obtain knowledge before proclaiming yourself an knowledgeable expert in ANY subject. It's a good way of preventing yourself from appearing and sounding like a fool.
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Euseby Euseby
bjj is popular due to mma. but its the fighter not the art. i have a base in judo and grappled some bjj fighter and they weren't that good. judo has intense grips and a strong base. similar to wrestling there is a reason a bjj guy does poorly vs. wrestling. but since judo came from jiu i would say judo. look at some old judo vs. bjj. gracie fights its funny.
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Cordell Cordell
Stay away from him. He's hitting on you, and you're underage besides. Change schools. Don't worry about your friends and what they'll think. If you have to tell them something, just tell them that you really wanted to learn Krav Maga. You'll have other chances to study BJJ. But right now, the main thing you have to do is change schools. Hope that helps.
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Art Art
Nothing. It is not the best kind. It is one kind. All of them are good kinds. BJJ concentrates on submissions and ground grappling. It has been made famous in MMA competitions worldwide because of it's good submissions. It is from the art of judo, not jujutsu and is spelled different than the Japanese art of similar sound. It is called the "best" mostly by the MMA fans who eat up the hype of MMA promotions as if written in stone.
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Uriela Uriela
It's not the best, bjj removed many techniques to become a sport. It's a striped down version of Japanese jujujitsu. With far less techniques and tactics
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Savannah Savannah
BJJ created much more rugged athletes. Commonly linked to MMA and typically alot more rolling (live sparring) then other forms of jiu jitsu. I tried ninja jiu jitsu and japanese jiu jitsu and both seemed more like unrealistic self defense oriented forms of martial arts. I'm not trying to bash them because I'm sure they also have some great benefits. Either way I already had experience training BJJ when I tried those other Jiu jitsu classes and I destroyed all the guys there :P BJJ = Rugged, technical and awesome
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