Question about two dogs of considerable size difference-ones in heat?

Question about two dogs of considerable size difference-ones in heat? Topic: Two case statements
June 16, 2019 / By Winnie
Question: I have a pit/boxer mix (male over 100lbs) and then some kind of mutt that looks like a chiwawa/bull terrier mix (female maybe 10lbs). The female is in heat-so I have kept them apart-my pit has been going ape-chit for the past few days-and yesterday, somehow my pit demolished his cage in order to get to her. Now since he was able to get out of his cage-I am unsure if somehow they were able to mate, because his attitude has dramatically calmed down and was sleeping most of the night. (I can just see the humorous responds to that statement.) My concern is, besides the horrible looking offspring of these two dogs-LOL, with their size difference-if they were able to mate somehow-would this endanger the female, by having larger puppies than she can handle, or will the puppies be smaller because of her size. When my pit was 6 weeks old he was very similar in size to the female. Thanks The female was a rescued dog-that we were informed was already fixed, we have had her for over two years now and all of a sudden she started going in heat-there are scars on her stomach from some kind of surgery.
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Sharyl Sharyl | 3 days ago
Well, maybe she turned him down and he now realizes he's not getting any booty. Might as well just sleep it off....that's what my bf does when I'm mad. Two things: When I hear about all the different mixed breeds, I always wonder about how they got the dogs to go at it. I mean, isn't it awkward for a big dog and a small girl to, you know....or even more weird, a big female being pursued by a tiny guy? But apparently people are breeding these type of dogs so I GUESS some dogs can handle it, though I read that some small dogs need cesareans many times. On the other hand, it might be good to be responsible in this case and go see a vet. Let them know what you think may have happened, who knows, maybe they can check to see if it looks like she's been penetrated recently, and ask them for pro advice. Also, if you have the money or can maybe find an organization to help, you might want to have them fixed. If you don't plan on them having pups, it may do them some good and better control their behavior. Check on it and keep your eye on those lusty little things :)
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Pam Pam
You've already heard that both these dogs should have been fixed (and you'll hear it a lot more). Hope you get the message. Yes, her health will most definitely be endangered and no, her puppies will not be smaller because she's small. If you care about this dog, your best option is to take her to the vet right now, explain what happened and have him spay her (the puppies will also be gone), then you won't have to worry about an emergency C-section to save her life 2 months from now.
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Marci Marci
You can pretty much count on that if they were together they probably found a way to mate. If the female is that small it may kill her to have pups so large. The best advice to you is to ask a vet, they can even give her a hormone to make her not be pregnant anymore in case she is but this isn't 100% effective. My son did that and his dog still had the pups. They were all ok. If you don't want trouble like this every six months the best thing to do is to spay her after it is safe. Check with a vet.
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Kirsteen Kirsteen
If they did mate the female will more than likely have 1-2 pups and you will need to make sure you take her to the vet or at least watch her very closely when giving birth to make sure the pup doesn't get stuck in the birth canal which will endanger both mom and pup. When different breeds mate you end up with a combo platter so there is really no telling how big the pups will be at birth. I have a pit/lab/german shepard mix and she is about the size of a small pit and there were 6 pups in her litter with mom being the shepard. Hope this helped you out:>)
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Janice Janice
Yes it can endanger the female. A small female dog that mates with a big male dog can have huge puppies. If it were me, I'd take her to the vet right away and get her spayed so she won't have the puppies.
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