Im not to sure about my future. Is this the way to go?

Im not to sure about my future. Is this the way to go? Topic: High school art writing assignments
June 25, 2019 / By Katherine
Question: I'm going into grade 10 this September and I took the following extra courses Computer Engineering Communication technology Media Arts --------------------------------------... There are so much things I want to do in the future but i picked the ones I'm really passionate about. I'm into things like Photography, and graphic design. Anything really to do with computers too. The problem is that I don't know what would be good to take when i go to collage or university or something. I don't know whats out there so to say... I know its kind of early to think about that now. But I want to be ready for anything and want to make sure I take all the right things in high school
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Helene Helene | 6 days ago
What is your strongest interest? When you are not satisfying class assignments, what activity do you enjoy participating in? Media arts have no horizon because they are strongly associated with computers. Communication technology seems to me to have the greatest potential for future computer assisted communication presentations. Journalism, script writing, TV and movie productions, teaching, mercy, the list is endless. So, just follow your strengths. Good luck.
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- you make an enourmeous ammount of money as a commercial pilot -higher chance you will die in millitary -doctors (depending on specialty) really have no time to be flying around the world, the more time required to work the more the pay the less the time off, visa versa. -pilot is extremely competative, more and more its becoming that commercial airline companies (the only ones that pay well) are prefering airforce expierience as a pilot as oppsed to flight school from the private sector sorry for listing all the bad things, but better to know now than later in life. if you really want to travel, i think go around the world, airforce would be the best option a. satisfaction from serving b. okay pay c. millitary expierience looks amazing on job applications in case you decide to choose a new path. however, in the airforce you dont necesarily get to choose WHERE you get to fly, hell you could get stationed out on the falkland islands if your luck is bad. you dont really get to choose. maybe you should consider working for the state department in the foriegn service, however you must have strong crudentials such as masters' and PhDs Good luck! and you've still got some time left to think about it so dont jump to a conclusion to soon. what i've learned is (im a hs student as well, junior) highshool is a place to expierience all different subjects of life, seeing as your a freshmen you have only had the opportunity to expierience around 6 classes/subjects, who knows maybe youll get hooked on poetry (doubt it lol but maybe other subjects) you only get out of life what you put into it.
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Number 1. If I were you, free education hopeful you live through it, and you still can go back to college. 3. Be come a doctor is not about making money, is about caring for people that need you help, and you have to enjoy helping sick and poor people. good luck in life.
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Option 4: Become a research biologist and go on research trips all over the world. You get to see all different types of animals and whatnot. Option 5: Go crazy and don't do anything. -One of your ideas is bound to make you rich.

Dulcie Dulcie
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I want to homeschool my kids someday too. However, to do that, I don't want to work outside of the home. It just wouldn't work. I plan on being an author someday. You might want to consider getting an English (or Creative Writing if you are interested) degree. You can do a variety of things with that degree. You can write at home. Remember, you have no clue when you will meet your future husband. It may be tomorrow, next year, or 10 years from now. Plan your life now - don't think too much on the far future yet, because you don't know what it holds and you may waste time waiting for someone to come.
Dulcie Originally Answered: What to do about my future?
I want you to look up the tuition cost for a university near you. Now look up the tuition cost for a community college near you. You might see there's a big difference in price. I'd say call your local community college and ask them if you're old enough to take a class during the summer. They probably have a huge catalog of classes online, so you'll be able to pick something you're interested in and want to learn more about. After you take the class, you'll know more as to whether or not a job in that field would suit you. It's a lot cheaper to figure out what you're interested in now then when you're in university. But please don't stress. You have options available to figure this out. Like I said before, there should be summer classes at your community college, but there are also career assessment tests you can take online.

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