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Causal Argument Paper.English Help? Topic: Essay topics for english test
July 16, 2019 / By Georgia
Question: Ok so I have to write a Causal Argument Essay, but I'm getting confused how this paper would be different from any normal argument. Like should this essay be like? My topic is "All-nighters", as in college students who stay up all night to study for exams. And what I want to argue is that it is really not an ineffective way to study.. because it is proven that less sleep before exams would cause you to have a lower score (lower GPA in general for those who stay up to study) and that its unhealthy etc. So basically how would I argue this in a Causal Paper ? thank you!
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Delma Delma | 9 days ago
Causal means that you give the causes and effects. Other kinds of evidence are not used, or are secondary in importance. So the effects of all-nighters that you've listed would be lower grades on tests lower GPA more health problems that would results in problems studying and attending classes. What you probably wouldn't include in this type of essay might be moral judgments, (although it's hard to think of any in relation to this topic), discussion of how hard it is to stay up, etc. Anything that isn't directly caused by all-nighters. There's some conflicting evidence on this, by the way. The sources below might help.
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