Middle school english paper idea?

Middle school english paper idea? Topic: English paper essays
July 16, 2019 / By Bryon
Question: i have been putting off 4 a while writing an essay about a facility that should be built 4 teens. something like an art school, swimming pool, etc. i have no idea what i should say! any ideas on what i should say should b built 4 teens? (its technically being built by a wealthy doner) and y, such as a coffee shop so they can study with friends, and stuff like that. thanks(: i dont nees reasons if u dont have any, just places! ummm...i was just saying a coffee shop as an example. and obviously ppl in middle school r aloud, what kind of question is that?? ppl in my school wish they would build in a starbucks. like everybody in my school loves coffee. and i highly doubt my english teacher is going 2 laugh at my paper in the middle of class if i write a coffee shop so that students can get help from their friends with hw while relaxing. Abby, thats a really good idea! practicaly every1 in my schools hates the food, since it is pretty gross(:
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Alby Alby | 9 days ago
You're the one who would use the facility; what would YOU like to see in it? I see that your username is volleyball -- would you like to have an indoor volleyball court? Think about your ideal recreation center and then write what you'd like to have there: a pool, a media center, a cybercafe -- whatever.
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Sydney Sydney
I would say a better gym, better library, more computers that are higher tech and stuff like that. Not to sound like a jerk, but a coffee shop for a middle school is a joke, you guys are 12 are you even allowed to drink coffee. Saying things that have to do for a social aspect is going to get laughed at, you have to do things that have a educational support.
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Rebeccah Rebeccah
You could try saying something like a Boys and Girls club to keep kids off the streets or something along the lines of that.
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Merrilyn Merrilyn
I would say a better cafeteria. Most children do not love school food and would prefer more choices and better seating. Maybe even one that offered comfortable booths or clustered smaller tables instead of institutional benches.
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