URGENT Question about traveling to the US?

URGENT Question about traveling to the US? Topic: The university of florida admissions
July 17, 2019 / By Lexa
Question: I am an international student that goes to the a university in Florida and i am currently home (outside of the us) for the holidays. I have a dutch passport which expires on February 24, 2014 and a F1 student visa which expires in 2018. I planned on renewing my passport here in the netherlands but I found out it would take too long and my classes would have begun already. My question is whether I would be allowed to re-enter into the US? (I plan on returning on January 6th) I plan on renovating my passport when I return to the US at a dutch embassy there.
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Judith Judith | 2 days ago
The latest you can return to the US on that passport is February 24, 2014, the day it expires. That's the very concept of an expiration date, after all, and as a university student you should be able to intellectually grasp that pretty easily. The 6-months rule is for visitors who seek admission for 6 months based on a B2 visa. In simple terms, using your example, if a visitor arrives on January 2, 2014, with a passport that expires on February 24, 2014, he or she will only get an I-94 until February 24, 2014. While you can renovate a house, you can't renovate a passport. However, you can apply for a new passport at the Dutch consulate in Florida, which, if memory serves me, is in Miami.
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Ginger Ginger
doubtful - your passport needs to be valid for a period of 6 months after your next plane ticket to exit, but since you have the visa it should be valid for six months after your visa. goodluck- most countries can express a passport, though it might cost extra- ask!
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Denisa Denisa
replace your passport now ..there is always a fast system for urgent travel or use the consulate in the US ..mat cost a lot more though
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