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Question about applying for a job? Topic: Store jobs applications
June 16, 2019 / By Elanor
Question: Ok so the party city store where i live are hiring. And I just got a job application from the store today and my question is 1) do I have to dress up when turning in the application? 2) do I have to ask if the manager is there and give the application to him? 3) should I put the job application in an envelope? and if Ido so..what do I put on the envelope and please give me some more tips ... I really need the job and am 16 if that's important Thank you so much
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Cheri Cheri | 7 days ago
1. You definitely shouldn't look like crap when you hand it in, but if it's not an interview then you don't need to go all out. At that point, you're just handing them the paper, there's not much else to it. As long as you don't come off badly in any aspect by dressing very poorly or being rude or anything else that stands out negatively in the minute it takes you to hand them a paper, you should be fine. Dress well when you go for an interview, even if it is only for a little store like that - it makes a good impression. Just look clean and neat. 2. Personally, I would ask if a manager is there. I work at a fast food restaurant and I've had people come in to hand in apps, and we hand them off to the manager anyway. The manager's the one who's going to handle it anyway, and whoever you ask might call a manager over whether you ask them to or not. Just tell them you have an application and would like to hand it in to a manager that's there. 3. At 16, you obviously aren't going in for a high end, serious job here. There's not really a need for anything like that. Just have the paper filled out properly and in neat, clean condition and hand it in. It's not like you have a resume they need to see or anything else that should go with it. Assuming all you got to apply there was the paper and they asked nothing more of you, that's all you should need to hand in.
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Cheri Originally Answered: Question about applying for jobs?
I'd go in with a resume. If they direct you to the website thank them and ask them if you can drop off your resume too. This would give them both a face, and a written name to associate with it. It also gives you a feel for the place and often the manager. You can also go in a couple days after you fill out an online application, let them know you've filled out an application, possibly drop off your resume then and let them ask you a few questions.
Cheri Originally Answered: Question about applying for jobs?
I enjoyed it. jogs my memory of the Jack interior the container advertisement with the stressful "new guy" who keeps interrupting Jack. finally Jack gets on the intercom and says "Get the hot guy..." he interrupts and says "a corner workplace" and Jack says "a severance equipment." LOL That one rather cracks me up!

Ash Ash
Here's what I did... 1.Dress up for the interview, BE ON TIME!!!!!!! 2.you could ask, but I just handed it to the front desk person. 3.just give it to them the way it is.
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