What is the best size of HDTV to get the best picture?

What is the best size of HDTV to get the best picture? Topic: What is a research process definition
June 16, 2019 / By Brandy
Question: Hi I have a quick question. I dont know much about tvs so I was wondering what the best size of 1080p HD tv I should get to get the best picture quality on blu rays.
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Best Answers: What is the best size of HDTV to get the best picture?

Aleesha Aleesha | 2 days ago
To put it into the simplest terms: you should purchase the largest high-definition display you can afford that provides a high fidelity video image. For a more detailed explanation of why please read the following as well as the resources provided. (Currently the average consumer is rarely willing or able to purchase a direct-view display having a size-class larger than 70 inches.) Research on the subject of optimum viewing distances vs. high-definition display screen sizes always includes a set of ‘limiting factors’ that are intimately involved in the process of optimum viewing conditions, especially when it comes to the task of critical viewing and evaluation of HD video and imaging content. The primary limiting factor, other than the native display or image resolution, is the human visual system (HVS), or more specifically the visual acuity of a viewer. Researchers regularly choose a ‘standard observer’ having a visual acuity of 20/20 (or 6/6 in Europe) to represent the average (corrected) visual acuity of a sample population. So combining a visual acuity of 20/20 and a native image resolution of 1920×1080 one can easily derive a set of basic numerical values that more or less allows one to roughly calculate an “optimum” screen size for a given viewing distance (or the “optimum” viewing distance for a given screen size.) However it’s important to keep in mind that much of the research uses an assortment of artificial test patterns to establish those ‘limiting factors’ mentioned earlier. So, assuming your visual acuity and viewing conditions are reasonably close to those of the representative sample population, what you will generally find is that you will actually be able to sit quite a bit closer to a given high-definition display screen or purchase a high-definition display that is at least two or more size-classes larger than that prescribed as “optimum.” The reason: consumers overwhelmingly use their televisions and projection systems to view commercial video content (including video games) not test patterns. That said I recommend caution when it comes to pushing the boundaries of viewing distance and screen size much beyond the so called “optimum” range. Therefore, taking into account the limiting factors for a 16:9 display having a native resolution of 1920×1080, I do not recommend purchasing a high-definition display with a size-class smaller than 0.6 times your viewing distance or sitting further than roughly 1.6 times the diagonal image size. And indeed go to the dealer showroom and determine for yourself which HDTV size-class provides the “best,” most immersive and comfortable viewing experience relative to your chosen viewing distance that also fits your budget. RESOURCES Viewing Distance vs. Resolution http://www.hometheater.com/gearworks/010... Carlton Bale – 1080p Does Matter – Here’s When (Screen Size vs. Viewing Distance vs. Resolution) http://www.carltonbale.com/1080p-does-ma... – Home Theater Calculator: Viewing Distance, Screen Size http://www.carltonbale.com/home-theater/... Chris Collins’ Viewing Distance Calculator http://www.myhometheater.homestead.com/viewingdistancecalculator.html Wiki: Optimum HDTV viewing distance http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optimum_HDTV_viewing_distance HD Guru – How to Choose the Right HDTV http://hdguru.com/how-to-choose-the-right-hdtv/5814/ – New HDTV Buying Checklist http://hdguru.com/new-hdtv-buying-checklist/7899/ – HDTV Seating Distance Chart http://hdguru.com/hdtv-seating-distance-chart/6/ – How to Improve Your HDTV Image http://hdguru.com/how-to-improve-your-hdtv-image/7960/ – Is Your HDTV Under Performing? Here’s a Fix http://hdguru.com/is-your-hdtv-under-performing-heres-a-fix/7990/ ADDITIONAL RESOURCES (See below for links) [1] PPD (Pixels Per Degree) Calculator [2] Allen, I., “Screen Size: The Impact on Picture & Sound,” Dolby Laboratories, 2000 [3] Hatada, T., Sakata, H., Kusaka, H., “Psychophysical Analysis of the “Sensation of Reality” Induced by a Visual Wide-Field Display,” SMPTE Journal, Vol. 89, pp. 117–126, August 1980 [4] Lombard, M., Reich, R.D., Grabe, M.E., Bracken, C.C., and Bitton, T., “Presence and Television – The Role of Screen Size,” Human Communication Research, Vol. 26, pp. 75-98, January 2000 [5] Sugawara, M., Mitiani, K., Kanazawa, F.M., Okano, F., Nishida, Y., “Future Prospects of HDTV – Technical Trends Toward 1080p,” presented at the IBC Conference IBC2005, Amsterdam, September 2005 [6] Sugawara, M., Masaoka, K., Emoto, M., Matsuo, Y., and Nojiri, Y., “Research on Human Factors in Ultra-High-Definition Television to Determine its Specifications,” presented at the SMPTE Technical Conference, Brooklyn, October 2007 [7] Westerink, J.H.D.M. and Roufs, J.A.J., “Subjective Image Quality as a Function of Viewing Distance, Resolution, and Picture Size,” SMPTE Journal, Vol. 98, pp. 113-119, February 1989  
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Troy Troy
That is dependent on how far you sit from the screen. Over 55" and the required distance needs to be over 10'. Over 46" 8 to 10' is good. Closer than 8', stay smaller than 40". All HD tvs have some artifacts and grain, sitting too close to a larger screen makes them stand out. You don't want too small a tv, but you also don't want to annoy yourself with anomalies on the screen. The best thing to do is go to a store where you can see the different sizes and stand the distance you will be sitting at home and see which looks best to your eyes.
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