Do I sound like a stupid teenager to you?

Do I sound like a stupid teenager to you? Topic: A lot of homework in japanese
July 16, 2019 / By Pene
Question: First off, My mom is angry cause of my grades, I am 14 years old and I have an average of A's and B's. At the moment I do, last marking period, my grades dropped to some D's and F's ( not all i still had some good grades ) because right near the end of the marking period, I was switched out of a lot of my classes. It sort of killed my average because they for some reason it went against me because they said "you have to make up ALL the work your new classes had", again, right before the new marking period and I was like "WTF?". But when my mom saw my grades before, she called me a "stupid irresponsible teenage girl". My grades are better now. I am fairly smart, I wanna get a little more improvement. Now she thinks I have nowhere to go in life anymore, like as if I'm stupid or something, I have seen other teenagers who are actually like that, in my class one day we all checked our grades in the computer lab and the people next to me both had like all F's, and there's always about 3 or 4 people in my classes who are still in my class and are juniors or seniors, I'm a freshman. Now I do think I'm actually going somewhere in life, I unlike how my mom says. I do all of my homework, try my best in my classes, Im interested in becoming an artist ( I'm actually really good, like people see me draw when I'm done with work in class and they are like "woah did you draw that!?" ) I draw realistically and I taught myself. And I also teaching myself the Japanese language ( yes I am also into anime but I'm NOT a weeaboo or anything ). I take care of a pet ferret I have, by myself ( everything like cleaning it, feeding it, cleaning the litter, cleaning it's cage, giving all the nessesary cares for it ). Yet my mom still claims I am just a stupid irresponsible teenager, I tried to reason, an she just said "don't make up excuses, you're just like the rest of those stupid teenagers". How do I tell her that I am not? What do you think of me?
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Marise Marise | 6 days ago
Your mom is over reacting. You're a smart kid and you have a bright future! Don't let your mama being you down. Keep up your hard work :)
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Kristie Kristie
Have you ever asked your mother what kind of grades she had gotten in school? You don't sound like you are stupid. It sounds to me that your mother just likes to stereo type teenagers. Therefore, you should just go about your business and not let it bother you. Don't let what she says affect you to where you stop caring about how you are doing in school. Just keep studying and trying to improve your grades. Besides how you do in school doesn't really affect how you will do in life after school. I never finished high school instead I got my GED when I was 27 years old and then went to College. I live pretty good and I am even a single mother of two little ones.
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Jeanetta Jeanetta
Instead of arguing with her just let her say what she has to say and then apologize and say you'll do better. Your situation is hard and understandable but actions speak louder then words. Your mom is just upset because she knows how smart you are loves you and wants better for you. Its not that she actually thinks your dumb. She's just upset and worried for you. So instead just work your butt off in class pull your grades up and show her how smart you really are. Give her something to praise.
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Fanni Fanni
Prove it to her and get As and Bs next marking period. The more As that more she'll think you're responsible.
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Cora Cora
It sounds like you are trying your best. so tell your mom: that you are only trying your best and there is nothing that i (meaning you) can do. so sorry you (meaning your mom) can only except perfect. because i (meaning you) am not perfect.
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