What were Teenager in the 80s like?

What were Teenager in the 80s like? Topic: How to write a beatnik poem
July 20, 2019 / By Joceline
Question: What styles did they wear. What kind of music did they like. What was family life and schools like. What were the stereotypes . How did they date. And if any of you have any personal dating stories that would be great! I don't really know where to ask the question so I put it here
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Gabrielle Gabrielle | 8 days ago
My mom enjoyed growing up in the 80s! She said at her school (neighborhood in general) everyone got along no matter the race or sexual orientation. The 80s were all about starting to accept people the way they were. In her highschool years my mom wore pretty much the clothes that Joan Jett from the band "joan jett and the black hearts" wore and when she really wanted to dress up, Cyndi Lauper's style was her go-to. She was also very popular in high school because she hung out with everyone: geeks, jocks, dumb girlies, the beatnik-like kids, rejects, everyone. My mom's school was close to a college so her and her friends would skip class or walk their after school to hang out at the cafes, restaurants, etc. And my mom even got to interview a rock band for her school paper when she was at a cafe their ( sry cant remember their name). My mom also told me the kids at their school shamelessly flirted with the people they liked and would have the guts to walk up to the person and ask them on a date. This weird guy liked my mom, but my mom didn't like him, but everyday he'd still tell her that he wanted to please her in bed, which is creepy and he wrote a love poem to her in her year book. My mom waited until after highschool to date and she dated this perverted guy who tried to push her into having sexmwith him. She said one night when she was in his car and aslepp he started unbuttoning her blouse and she woke up and smacked him. She had to walk home, sadly, because he picked her up in his car. Their relationship ended because he was creepy and his parents weren't comfortable with the fact that my mom was black. But then her friend got her involved with this adolescent church group and this ultra religious guy started liking my mom and asked her friends to arrange dates for them, but my mom only liked him as a friend and it broke his heart according to her friends and my aunts. Eventually my mom met my dad, and since then she hasn't been happy with her life... and about the stereotypes of the 80s, people thought of goudy clothing abd accessories, new wave of rock and roll, jerry curls, tacky clothing, flashy people, everyone enjoying their sexuality, etc. The fashion varied: spandex, leggings, shoulder pads, mohawks, jerry curls, mini skirts, leg warmers, huge earrings, pretty muchwhat madonna, prince, duran duran, and run dmc wore.
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Dawn Dawn
First of all, unlike now, life for a teenager could be very very different in big cities, suburbs and small town. On the one hand, pop culture was exploding, and there were many quick changes, but on the other, you did not have things like the internet and 24 hour television to democratize pop culture. I started high school in 79 and graduated in 84. My high school was in a suburb on the edge of a large Canadian city, and, at the time, my community was one of the most ethnically diverse places in the world. Because of this, students really had their fingers on the pulse of pop culture, and, looking back, almost everyone was pretty cool. There was a wide variety of cliques, usually defined by the fashion and music they followed. There were cool black kids -- they guys in Zoot suites or similar, the girls in the slicker better-looking of New Wave fashion -- the punks, the rockers, the New Wavers and the Preppies. In my school, New Wavers predominated by 80 or 81. The big difference between the kids in my high school and the kids of today is that these days there are only a few types and most kids -- even the ones who pretend to be rebels or iconoclasts -- just want to be part of a group and show this in every conceivable way. They want to look alike, have the same hair (Ugh! the girls with the ironed hair, and extensions, or hair that looks like extensions!), listen to the same music, have the same phone or computer. Back in the day no two people looked alike. Actually, no person looked the same from one day to the next. The trend was to be different, not just from other people, but from who you were the day before. And no one except the dumb Preppie types or the boring people pleasers listened to top 40 radio, or wanted to listen to a song that was on the hit list. Once your favorite song or band was on the top 100 list, and adults were humming the tunes, it was over, and you were onto something new. From what I remember, the only people who did things like "date" or go steady were the boring kids who were pretending to be in a John Hughes movie -- the kids who thought jocks and cheerleaders were the It crowd, and who had five-year plans, went on spring-break trips, etc. These people were in a weird world of their own, pretending that youth culture was still about being in some school activity and going to the prom and having that teen-world hierarchy. Everyone else thought those kids were jerks and morons, so did the exact opposite of what they did. So, while people may have dated here and there, or had a boy/girlfriend, it was usually done on the down-low. Everyone was so afraid of being like Wally Cleaver or the Nelsons, or -- worse still -- some kid from the seventies. What I remember most is how most of the kids in my high school wanted to be adults, which is very different from now where most everyone, including adults, wants to be like high school kids. All my peers dressed and acted like twenty-five year olds, like people who were starting careers. As I say, what I have described was probably typical of urban environments. People who were teens in distinctly suburban or rural communities probably had very different experiences. I have often been stunned when I met people my age who did not know certain bands, movies, magazines that I thought were essentials for a teen in the eighties.
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Brett Brett
Im 48 born in 67 so I was in high school in 1984. right up to my late teens we listened to music like Madonna,Blondie,Phil Collins,Duran Duran, Michael Jackson,Madness, general public and etc.hair styles back then were gelled. Gel was a big thing then. the sides of the hair was jelled and the top was creative and shoulder length hair. all the guys had logn hair. The music was more enjoyable full of rhythm you can dance to. the lyrics were clean non violent very romanceful. Handball was big back then. teenagers would play handball against the school wall sometimes for hours after school or during breaks. I kept it very good shape then and had fun doing it. I remember the Walkman radios they were a big thing. I owned a yellow sony Walkman. and cell phones we didn't have them. everyone in my highschool used to pay phones to call. we didn't have internet like today.no personal computers at home. we had a few in the school library but nothing like today. you had to learn dos to use the computer. there were no operating systems like xp.windows 7 vista.the teenagers dated like today.we went to house parties in the 80s. my friends all did the pot just like today.I guess the music brought a happier fun loving crowd who just wanted to have fun and dance or chill. I cant recall any hate groups like today. Back then everyone loved everyone it didn't matter how you looked. today it seems the kids judge on looks alone.maybe not all. technology was very tiny compared to now. so kids were out enjoying life going bike riding,swimming,playign baseball,flying a kite,makign go carts, any out door sport we can think of we did it. today kids cant wait to rush home and go on the computer usually chat programs. I didn't have that back then so I was out most of the time. going to theatres,goign camping with friends.Life as a teen was amazing back then.i feel bad for the kids today. a lot of the music is angry and hateful. no romance or friendly rhythm. teres school shootings today. we didn't have that back tin the 80s. to many negative social clubs today. more dangerous drugs today than the 80s. growing up in the 80s I never heard the term crack before. pot and cocaine yes I heard of them.growing up in the 80s was great. I hung out with real friends on my street and from school not virtual friends kids talk to online today. I do believe if the kids today had a chance to go back to the 1980s im sure they would enjoy it very much. clothing ws colourful and creative same with the hair styles. there was no hate back then like today. just a lot of good fun.
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Alexina Alexina
Rebellious with a tendency to be spotty. They wore any style which was likely to annoy their parents. They tended to hang around in groups rather than 'date'.
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Tye Tye
Really better than now, kinda better than the 90's kids, but I'm from the early 90's, but they were more chill and calm, and more basic than now. It's good reliving memories.
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Ricki Ricki
Back in the 80's religion controlled most people, christianity. The people back then were living in a fairy tale life. They were losing REALITY!!! They were very ignorant when it came to most things, very naive, and very gullible
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