I am applying for a job at a dog grooming place and dont no what to say?

I am applying for a job at a dog grooming place and dont no what to say? Topic: What should i write in my cover letter for a job
June 16, 2019 / By Janet
Question: i am applying for a job at a dog grooming place and dont no what to say in my intrests and also where to put that i like animals as i am thinking that i need to write that i have some interest. do i write it on my c.v, what should i write or should i put in in a covering letter? thanks :)
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Erynn Erynn | 4 days ago
That is up to you what you write, but without trying to be critical, you really need to work on your capitalization and punctuation before you write anything. Honestly, I'm trying to tell you this in a constructive way, not mean way.
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Claramae Claramae
An employer is going to want to know that you will be able to communicate efficiently in both a verbal and written manner, especially when dealing with the clients. Using correct spelling, grammar and punctuation will be a strong first step to gaining a step up on the competition. Your cover letter should include a short synopsis of your experience with animals, any specialized education or experience you have acquired in the pet industry and why you feel you would be the best candidate for the position. Your resume should include verifiable job history and personal as well as professional references.
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Barbra Barbra
Learn to write and spell a letter then list all your experiences with dog grooming, include pictures of your work from dog grooming school and recommendations from your instructors, unless you just want to be a bather, which is what you would start as. Then just express your love of dogs and how you want to obtain as much experience as possible around a professional groomer.
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Adele Adele
well if you have experience with animals like if you have groomed before or worked at a kennel. also mention if you own pets and let them know you are very animal friendly. if you do not have experience just let them know you are a very hard worker and fast learner, and really want to get your foot in the door with an animal related job so you are willing to learn how to groom and are willing to do any help they may need at their shop. well good luck hope you get the job!
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Tayler Tayler
I have worked at a dog groomers and daycare before. Just tell them you love animals, what type of animals you have, what type of experience you have (like breaking up dog fights, preventing bites, trimming nails, etc) it's pretty easy to get a job at a groomers.
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