What makes increases your video gaming experience?

What makes increases your video gaming experience? Topic: Business plan for a video game
July 20, 2019 / By Juli
Question: I am going to put a playstation 3 rental business when it comes out. Do you gave any ideas that would make the customers happy and come back for more?
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Githa Githa | 6 days ago
Read about a guy who does this in the U.K already and he was quite succesful. His main points were Prompt delivery of any ordered game and the same with pick ups/returns. An absolute must was his machine that fixed badly scratched discs as most of his customers were under 15's and the discs were usually returned with scratches on them. Anyway I wish you every success with your plans.
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Wow i love that site! Anyway yeah, if that really is your pc it'll handle most current games, might get a little fps drop in The Witcher 2 though.
Githa Originally Answered: Help with gaming PC and video card?
it depends on what res you trying to play those games but if you want to run them at 1080p with high settings on i'd recommend getting a 69xx series card and dude 16gb of ram? kinda overkill there unless you're gonna be using photoshop and other stuff than gaming a 4 or 8gb of ram would be enough..... and the processor just get an i5-2500k it has unlocked multiplier and that's what most gamers prefer for being 'bang for the buck' but do remember to get a p67 or z68 mobo cause that would suck if you bought the "K" procy and cant overclock it

Derryl Derryl
i'm a ps freak. i love it because there are games for everyone. the one thing i really like is that at my house i have a sony home theater w/ ss. it makes a huge difference. also maybe try having tournaments on saturdays with a prize like free rentals if you win the tournament. and make it affordable. definite must.
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READ FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&%&*(... Why More RAM is Better Has your old computer lost its get up and go? Or perhaps you've just invested in a brand spankin' new PC and you're thinking life is good… until your son tries his role-playing game over the Net, or you want to open four applications at once. You find that the animation just isn't quick enough, and neither is your multitasking. "But I have a new computer," you say. "It should be lightning fast!" Just because you have the latest, doesn't mean it's the greatest — in terms of performance. Good news! Help is easy and relatively inexpensive: upgrade the memory. Upgrading your computer's memory (RAM) is one of the quickest, most efficient and most cost-effective ways to boost performance. Many new computers come with only a bare minimum of memory installed. Adding more RAM can add more zip to your system. And installation is not that complicated. Sometimes getting the case off takes more time than installing the actual RAM itself. How much memory is enough? An average computer user is probably okay with the basic 128MB to 256MB of RAM. But as fast as technology changes, so will your need for additional memory. Just remember: more is better. 256MB is what most average users need. But if you're looking to make your processor really work for you — like for high-end applications, intense gaming and multimedia work — upgrade to even more RAM. You'll notice a significant performance gain all around. Take a glance at what a memory upgrade can do for you Smoother multitasking Like to have your charts and e-mail, too? Do you open several programs at the same time and switch between them frequently — and does your current PC moan and groan when you do? Then a memory upgrade is essential for smooth, effortless multitasking. It gives your computer an extra boost so it doesn't have to use the hard drive to manage data. Faster Web surfing Are you a surf-aholic? If you like to spend countless hours on the Internet, but don't like when your system slows to a crawl, you'll want to add RAM. No matter how fast your Internet connection is, a memory upgrade can help your browser display pages faster. When your computer can store more data in RAM, it has to swap out less memory to the hard drive. Web sites use rotating banners, Flash and Shockwave animation, streaming audio and other plug-ins as dazzling effects to entice visitors. A computer memory upgrade can give your computer the zip it needs for today's browsing. Enhanced printing Do you print large files like presentations with photos, clip art, graphics and charts? Are you tired of your pokey printer? A printing bottleneck can be fixed easily with a simple memory upgrade. And the boost in performance can have a big impact on productivity, especially in a networked environment where several PCs may be sharing one printer. A printer memory upgrade effects both quality and speed. The quality will improve because additional memory allows you to print better at higher resolutions. And you'll be able to print faster because a printer buffers (or holds data temporarily) part of a print job before actually printing. The more memory you have the more that can be buffered, and the faster you will print. (Note: Not all printers are upgradable. Check your owner's manual for details.) More efficient video editing If the video-editing bug has bitten, you'll want to add RAM. Editing is fun — or can be if it's not too slow. Because video files are very large, you'll not only need a big hard drive to store the file, but a quick processor and lots of RAM help speed things up. Video editing software like iMovie and Adobe Premiere typically recommend 64MB of RAM, but once again, more is better. 256MB or more should have you editing without waiting for your computer's hard drive to catch up. Optimized Windows XP processing Microsoft's Windows XP is power-packed with enhanced multimedia, gaming and Internet capabilities. It's touted as faster, easier to use and better for remote computing. What's not to like? So take full advantage of all the incredible features by optimizing the performance with a RAM upgrade. Windows XP ready-labeled computers must meet minimum hardware requirements for the software. But meeting these requirements does not ensure the system is configured for maximum performance with Windows XP. Typically, just meeting minimum requirements for software means minimum performance. Like before: more is better. You'll need at least 128MB, but 256MB is recommended. For the optimal Windows XP experience load up on RAM. Spectacular gaming A new graphics card is nice, but it isn't enough for today's cutting edge gaming. Revolutionize your 3D gaming experience by adding more memory. Added RAM supports color at higher resolutions and gives you the power for enhanced 3D rendering, with amazing character realism and texture versatility. Enjoy crisper, b
Derryl Originally Answered: I want to ugrade my laptop's ram(1gb to 3 gb) to improve the gaming experience.would it be helpful?
The only option you have really is to upgrade the RAM. If you have Windows Vista your PC is already comparatively slow because the suggested minimum RAM for Vista is 2GB. I would double up on that and go to 4GB. Also, (and this is as important as increasing the RAM) be sure that the pagefile system is at least 1.5 times the size of the amount of RAM you end up with. This works as an extention of your RAM. You will find this setting in the Performance section on the Advanced tab of your System Properties section (right-click on My Computer, then select Properties)

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