What makes men think the Grass is Greener?

What makes men think the Grass is Greener? Topic: Are one of the sister wives pregnant
June 25, 2019 / By Durward
Question: A guy I know from my fiance's job just left his fiance of three years, after a one night stand at the Company Xmas Party with one of the Company Freak(s). She and her sister have been with several of the employees already!! Her sister is already pregnant w/twins from one of the groundsman. She is attractive, and everybody, including my man, think it's exciting and okay that he'd just up and leave her for someone he doesn't even know!!! Number 1, I can't believe either one still have their job. You'd think the company would take more pride in their values and frown upon fratinization among employees, exspecially the "married or almost married" ones!!! What gets me, is that he could believe the grass is greener, just becasue she's hot, doesn't mean the same as the three years he has shared w/his fiance. The ups the downs... the struggles, the rewards! I know he will regret it, and truthfully, I can't wait until he does!!!! What do you think?
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Bryant Bryant | 6 days ago
He probably will regret it, at times. He may have already been looking for a way out anyway. As for what makes us guys think the grass is greener? It is the bait and switch tactics used by most women that makes most men look for greener pastures. Most of the time when a relationship is new the female is doing everything she can to keep the male happy. Jumping into bed every time he wants to even initiating the intimacy herself. She avoids nagging him about insignificant things. She does not stand in the way of his other interests and avoids coming between him and his friends. That is the bait, to draw him deeper into a relationship. When she feels she has him deep enough that he can't or won't back out comes the switch. She starts to ratchet down the frequency of sexual intimacy. Complains about insignificant things. Sometimes even tries to "train" him or change him into her perfect guy. She may start to demand more of his time to take it away from his other interests. I am 39 and have been in several relationships. I am currently happily married to my wife of 12 years. The opinions that I have expressed are from my own past experience and the result of many conversations over the years with friends. My wife is an exception as many women are. These women tend to find relationships come very easy for them.
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Bryant Originally Answered: The grass is always greener on the other side?
THE LITTLE MERMAID! i know it sounds dumb, but the second i heard this quote i thought of the little mermaid, she gave up everything to go to dry land, but once she got there she missed the ocean. and her family. in fact most disney movies have some underlying moral like this. uhmmm....like the lion king. hahaha i hope i helped!

Albin Albin
The reality of the situation, is that men look for other women because of a biological reason. You see women must be really choosy who they mate with, after all when they get pregnant, thats it, they can not cancel and try to get a better baby, they can have only the one baby at a time, so it is in their best interests to choose a good healthy partner (and probably well off partner) to provide the child with health and wealth. The situation with males is very different. If a man gets one woman pregnant, he doesn't have to stop there, it is possible to get another pregnant, and another, and all the children be born. So to keep the race going biologically it makes sense for men to "cheat" and the ones who do would be more successful than the ones who dont (if by success we mean reproduce more). Since this trait will be passed on more successfully than the trait of being faithfull, this is the main reason why many men cheat. Many believe that we have outgrown these biological things, but really millions of years of evolution is a very powerfull thing.
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Sydne Sydne
I don't think men are the only ones who think the grass is greener. Women are exactly the same. But I take your point. Why do either men or women think the grass is greener. You know what I say? "If you think the grass is greener, good luck and have a great time. If you decide to come back, I won't be here". Cheers!
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Rebecca Rebecca
The grass is definitely always greener. Until you get caught cutting the grass. Then you in trouuuuuuble. It's a penis thing. A hormone thing. It's hardly even our fault. A side comment though. Getting a side piece pregnant? That's so f'n stupid. Use a condom, ya nutball. And if your 'man' hangs out with dudes who've done that, he's probably just as stupid. Ditch him. And give me a call.
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Merrill Merrill
I don't think they think the grass is greener, they just think it's different grass. In this case, it sounds like everybody's used this girl as their front lawn, so it won't be long before the guy who left his fiance for his hoe is finding someone else has been watering her plants behind his back!
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I've had some experience with mares and their maintinece wile pregnant. At one barn we were encouraged to feed the mares a rich alfalfa and grain diet and later (in life) 3 of them were diagnosed with kidney failure. I also worked on a research project at CSU that studied mare and fetal/foal health. We fed those mares a 1/2 and 1/2 diet of grass alfalfa and whole oats. The oats was for some a training devise, to encourage them to calm down while we were working around them in close quarters (12x12 stalls). In my personal opinion mares like human moms don't need any more feed than the normal while pregnant! Now for the older horses, I currently know of a mare that is 27 yrs old, and is eating a very processed and sweet beet pulp, bran, oat mix feed that in my opinion is a little too rich (sweet wise) for a horse of that age. The processing as in grinding etc is great, since most older animals don't have the teeth to do the grinding themselves is ok. The molasses that is in it is a little too much for my liking. On the other hand I believe this is the only feed that kept my mule (46 at death-RIP) alive and healthy as long as it did! We started feeding the senior feed to her at about 35 and she by no means was kept alive while unhealthy! These animals have very shiny healthy coats and look better in the fall than most of the younger horses. I'm not sure if that is the molasses or just the extra nutrients in the mix of the feed. Little to no sugar is BEST for any animal, but it is very easy to over do it! Here's an amazing website that I will be referring back to for other things! http://www.holistichorse.com/absolutenm/...

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