Have info about the 4th Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?

Have info about the 4th Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? Topic: The sisterhood of traveling pants
July 20, 2019 / By Regina
Question: I just found out that there is a fourth Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book, but I don't know when it comes out or anything. If you have any information about Forever in Blue, please tell me.
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Midge Midge | 2 days ago
The book comes out tomorrow (1/9). Here is a summary from publisher's weekly on bn.com: Carmen, Lena, Bridget and Tibby may not be forever in blue jeans, but they do share the Traveling Pants for at least one more summer. Fans rejoin the foursome just after their freshman year in college. Carmen is attending a summer theater program in Vermont, where she unexpectedly lands a plum role and must contend with her roommate's attempts to sabotage her performance. Enrolled in a summer painting class at Rhode Island School of Design, Lena falls for a fellow student and also receives a surprise visit (his specialty) from Kostos, her former Greek beau. On an archeological dig in Turkey, Bridget finds herself attracted to a professor (who's married). And Tibby, in the most poignant story line, becomes reclusive while taking film classes at NYU, and breaks up with her devoted boyfriend, Brian, after their first sexual encounter results in a pregnancy scare. Brashares credibly recounts the emotional turmoil surrounding the girls' love, peer and family tribulations. There is just passing mention of "the Pants" and their special powers until novel's end, when the jeans, through a rather unlikely set of circumstances, disappear in Greece-an event that bands the four friends together in a countrywide search. The series' legion followers will eagerly follow each gal through her summer of ups and downs and will again be heartened by the teens' rock-solid friendship. Ages 12-up. (Jan.) Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.
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Lexie Lexie
do not pay interest to each person who says the Clique series is powerful because it sucks, and this is totally juvenile with not something you may want to probably take it from the adventure of examining it. even as i change into youthful, about 14 I examine books like the beautiful Bones, bypass Ask Alice, The Perks of Being A Wall Flower, A secret be conscious, and communicate. i imagine those are strong books to commence with, yet it truly is my opinion. As you become older you study a thanks to savor the Classics and the lengthy island cases perfect seller's record, yet till then i information those.
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Juli Juli
It just came out on Tuesday. I had just finished reading the third one when i found out about the fourth one.
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Githa Githa
ok- she released it on tuesday the 9th- i dont got it yet, but im getting it on satyrday! woo hoo- im a huge fan and cant waut! its the last book of the series though- so its a littel sad........i cant wait though!
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Githa Originally Answered: The sisterhood of the traveling pants?
The entire series is AMAZING. I loved it so much and read the whole series 3 times. Okay now here's the summary: Four sixteen year old girls have been best friends since they were born. Their mothers met at a prenatal class. They are about to spend their first summer apart. Bridget is wild and atheltic. She is going to soccer camp in Baja, Mexico. Her mother committed suicide when she was 11 years old. Lena is quiet and shy. She is going to Greece to visit her grandparents. Carmen is thoughtful and somewhat the leader of the sisterhood who finds the Pants. She is going to visit her father in South Carolina. Tibby is a rebel. She will be staying home making a documentary. BRIDGET--- Bridget still hasn't recovered from the trauma from her mother's death, which triggers her sometimes self-destructive behavior. At the soccer camp, she becomes obsessed with a handsome young soccer coach named Eric. Though flings between coaches and campers are forbidden, throughout the summer she relentlessly keeps seeking him out despite his reluctance. She learns however that thinking you want something and actually wanting it when you get it aren't necessarily the same thing. She loses her virginity and enters a state of depression. She was trying to fill the space her mother hadn't. She has been desparately seeking help from her father in the grieving process, but he completely ignores the subject. She thinks Eric can fix it, but he only leaves her feeling empty. LENA --- When she goes to Santorini, Greece, to visit her grandparents for the first time, she meets Kostos, a young family friend. At first she dislikes him, convinced that he is only paying attention to her because of her beauty. Later on however, she falls in love with him, and he with her. CARMEN --- She goes to spend the summer with her father in South Carolina, looking forward on spending quality time with him and doing father-daughter things. Her hopes are shattered when she finds out that not only has her father moved in with a woman, but they are planning to be married while she is there, and the fiancee is bringing two teenaged children of her own into the marriage. Carmen doesn't seem to fit in at all, which causes her to crumble and create havoc. She runs away and flies back home to her mother, only to discover that running away from problems isn't always the best decision, especially when it comes to family. TIBBY --- During the summer, while her friends are away, she gets a job at a local supermarket and sets out to make a film about losers (her own genre, which she calls the "suckumentary"). At her job she meets twelve-year-old Bailey Graffman, who is dying from leukemia. Tibby initially wants nothing to do with Bailey, but soon finds that Bailey turns her world upside down. Bailey teaches Tibby that everyone has a little "loser" in them, and how to find the sun behind the clouds, an outlook that is totally unfamiliar to sarcastic Tibby. At the end of the summer, Bailey ends up dying. When the girls reuinte, the girls realize the true meaning of friendship. No matter what happens to the girls and what they do, they will always be there for each other. The Pants also don't judge, no matter what happens. They love the four girls equally, as different as they may be. I think the entire series is absolutely fabulous. It hit me hard and as I said before, I've read it many times and only find something new in them. I still laugh and cry at the same parts and new ones every time I read it. I strongly recommend reading it yourself too; it is so good. I hope this helps.

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