Traveling solo as a teenager?

Traveling solo as a teenager? Topic: How to write a story about time travel
June 16, 2019 / By Kirstie
Question: Did you ever take a trip by yourself when you were a teenager? Was it amazing? I'm 16, and a well-traveled wanderlust. I'm spending the summer w my family in London, and while I'm there I'd like to take a short solo trip to Paris. I'm fluent in French, can pay for the trip entirely on my own, and have been there before so I know my way around, but the rents are still nixing the idea. I just want to spend time on my own sketching and exploring..... If you traveled solo as a teenager, please tell me about your experiences. How did you convince your parents to let you go? Merci! : ) Thx for your supportive comments, guys! Jordan, I'm so jealous! Your travels sound so freaking AWESOME. I've been wanting to go to Vietnam my entire life. I've heard it's amazing. We were in Thailand in 04 for Christmas & were supposed to go to Vietnam then, but we headed home after the tsunami. I am definitely going to make it there some day...... Inquisitive, you're trip sounds great, too. WOW. Traveling at 13. V impressive! : ) I'm coming up w a strategy for winning my parents over to the solo trip idea.......
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Janis Janis | 10 days ago
I did most of my travelling when I was 17 and I was solo! But I was from Kosovo, so my story was different! But when u come in London, you can defenitely go to Paris with Eurostar, it takes only 2 hours and a quarter! You can come back the same day after a few ours! Say from 8.00 leave london then ur in Paris about 10.30 am you travell araund and go even on the writers dicrict in Paris, then at about 8.00pm when you have seen all you wanted to see you come back! I belive u just turned 16, and for a girl to be alone, while paris is one of the safest cities in Europe, I think you will meet resistance from your parents! I think when you on the train, you can make the best out of it, and write down al the enthuisiasm u got! I know I would! The only problem with travel writing is that it comes out to be fun and joufull, but superficial. Remeber to put in the stories that you write other insights that you get by meeting people, and by ur own expereinees. In this way ur writing will be well rounded and infalible to the test of time! Pls let me know how will u manage to persuade ur parents!
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Ethel Ethel
Wow you sound like a very responsible person. If you are it should not take long for your parents to say yes. I have traveled alot by myself. When I was 14 I took my 1st international trip by myself. I spent 1 yr. in Scotland and England. My favorite trip though would be my graduation present. My mom and dad hated the idea of me going by myself so I chose my best friend and older brother to come. We went to Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and took a cruise to the Philippines. It was the best experience ever. I rode on an elephant in Thailand, discovered gorgeous beaches in Vietnam and in the Philippines, and slept in a park bench in Laos when we ran outta money! It was great. Tell your parents you are extremlely capable of doing this on your own and hey at least they won't have to pay!
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Clarissa Clarissa
Bonjour Mademoiselle! First of all, it's good that you have everything settled. At 16, you can legally go by yourself in Europe. I have also traveled a lot since I was 14. Well for all the years of my life, I have worked hard, obeyed my parents, and tried to become the perfect son. I have met many good friends there. One thing though, is that if they discover that you are a tourist, some vendors in some countries increase the price. I just let my parents fell secure that they know that I can look out for myself. At 16, a European tour was awarded to me for my hard work. I traveled to England, Holland, Germany, France, Czechoslovakia, Spain and Portugal. Well, In England, Holland and France, they were very polite and friendly. In the other countries, especially in Portugal, I had a bit of a problem in communication. You don't just think about the bad things that might happen. My advice to you is that: Just try to be positive all the time;try to find yourself. Did you know that staying one year at any European country isn't enough to be able to complete a tour. I mean there are lots of places to visit, lots of new things to try. When going from England to France, don't forget the Metro (underwater train).It really was a great experience for me. I hope that you enjoy your trip! Bon Voyage.
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Beatrice Beatrice
Well im 13, and i went from the US to IReland on my own... but with my 11 year old brother. My uncle lives there, so we didnt have o stay in a hotel. I convinced my parents my doing little jobs around the house to get some money, and babysitting my neighbors, showing them i was responsible. For your situation, i would make little coments showing that youre becoming responsible, do little things, etc... It was great though... the host stayed with us, and it was totally safe. LOL my parents were practically dying back at home to find out what was going on during the flight. GOOD LUCK!
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Adelyna Adelyna
I went on a solo trip to Boston from Florida. and trust me, it was amazing! being by myself was a wonderful experience, but trust me, it took a LOT of convincing. I had to show my parents that I was responsible enough AND I had to save up over 2,000 dollars I would love going to Paris! best of luck on your adventures!
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Teigue Teigue
Oooh... Ms. Skylark... You are such a free spirit! and obviously very mature for your age. But do take care of yourself and don't be too anxious to travel solo... it's best to have a friend or partner with you so that you can look out for each other. You are always more vulnerable on your own.
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Phil Phil
En rappallant ma grandmere que son fils (mon pere) as fais la meme chose :=) (By simply reminding my grandma that her son (my dad) did the same thing)
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