Do science and religion(or belief in a god) mix?

Do science and religion(or belief in a god) mix? Topic: When a hypothesis is supported then
June 25, 2019 / By Lewin
Question: If you think "no," then how can religious people pick and choose certain facts to support their religion? If you think "yes," then why do the majority of scientists(that explore the natural world, bioligist, cosmologist etc..) not believe in god? @jcsaves316 - "Why dont ALL scientists not believe then?" Nothing is 100%. There is going to be believer in the vast amount of scientists there are. "You sir, are a clown." Don't really know where that came from. ? God Bless Call me a clown, then say god bless. Thanks "btw- science only verifies genesis" ONLY verifies genesis? It actually does not verify genesis. But it sure verifies a heck of a lot of other things. There is something else, how are scientists supposed to know second one of 15000000000 years ago? That seems like a large task doesn't it? It's a little harder than saying, "Oh yeah, God made everything for people."
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Japeth Japeth | 8 days ago
I don't think so. When every experiment ends with god did it, what's the point? Also, the vast majority of scientists don't believe in a personal god. Creation "scientists" and the such seem to only look for and twist evidence so it corroborates the god hypothesis. That is not science.
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Japeth Originally Answered: Scientists- Belief and science. Where do they meet? Forming hypothesis?
A good hypothesis is based on evidence. I cannot just say I have faith that if I try long enough I will find a cure for cancer in this box of crap. You need specific knowledge of WHY you think it will work. Faith comes in around the edges, in the rest of your life and in the motivation to keep trying even if you were wrong. It can be a faith in God, a faith in humanity, or faith in yourself. But none of it should come in with the actual science because that mucks it up.

Fraser Fraser
Ah, but the majority of scientist ARE religious! A slightly less level than non-scientist, but still, an overwhelming majority. I studied Science my first time at university, and Theology much later on. I know many Theologians who have root in Science, including many of my fellow students, and priests, and so on. It is interesting you mention cosmologists - those people working at the largest scales. It turns out that the very advanced work in this area is parallelling the work at the sub-atomic Physics level. Apparently, in the math at the "bleeding" edge of the work, the scientists are finding something very much like God in the mathematics. Not proof, yet, but if the work continues as it has, then it appears to be a very distinct possibility. Many of them are coming to faith because of their scientific work! Now, granted the two disciplines are different! People keep trying to apply one set of rules/tools in the other realm, and are confused when it doesn't work. E.g., God just doesn't fit in a test tube, so experiments on Him often don't work as expected. However, by applying the correct knowledge in the correct places, religion and science can happily co-exists, and even compliment each other.
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Declan Declan
I have not found that "most" scientists don't believe in God. I believe that is an erroneous remark that has become popular and taken as fact. I think the belief in God and science go hand in hand. Science involves investigation and allows theoretical data as the beginning of a 'proving' method. I often wonder why atheists who don't believe in a God they cannot see don't wish to tolerate the belief in God by others. Why can't an atheist consider the belief in God is science, in which a theory is likewise employed in the investigation of the possible. Especially with the knowledge that many things exist that are not visible with the human eye.
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Bart Bart
Why dont ALL scientists not believe then? You sir, are a clown. God Bless btw- science only verifies genesis edit- LOL I see I touched a nerve. Just to help your frayed feelings, I call everyone who is funny a clown. Science dear friend does indeed prove many things. What it has never done is come anywhere near explaining the origin of life without God. Science and its attempt to describe second 1 fall far short of God who explains second 1 in verse 1. Try to stop taking everything so personal. There are far worse things in this world tro be than a clown. I call you an atheist clown and its clown you are upset by. That makes no sense. The God Bless is because you need it. Anything else?
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Zandra Zandra
Cricket, The Holy Bible isn't in basic terms a "e book". there replaced into unique sin, Christ did die for our sin, there's a Heaven and a hell, etc, etc. extremely some people attempt to apply the finite techniques to understand the limitless techniques of God. It in simple terms can not be performed. How did God evolve? Asking that query potential which you're utilising "time" as all of us are conscious of it on the instant. God's time isn't our time. information how He got here to be isn't a workable question. he's and He replaced into, and he will proceed to be. We settle for all that we don't understand on faith. it fairly is the reason it fairly is declared as faith. I fairly have not continuously worshiped God. there replaced right into a time, whilst like many others in this international, if it felt solid, I did it. Then at some point I allowed Jesus to come returned into my heart, and have confidence it or not, i replaced into born returned, I grew to alter right into a sparkling individual. I worship God on the instant, for His love, and His provides. he will shop all the ensures He has made to guy. it fairly is the reason I worship Him on the instant. won't you connect me? Its a greater helpful existence than I fairly have ever oftentimes used. God Bless.
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Shelby Shelby
yes they can mix, for example i am a nurse and therefore follow science in terms of biology, and chemistry for medications, diseases and health. but i am also christian. just because i believe in God doesnt mean that i dont believe scientists can proove things too. i think some scientists are so hung up on facts and having proof for things that believing in something that cannot be prooven real (or fake) is very difficult. major scientist live for facts, this doesnt include God
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Paulette Paulette
It depends what we mean by science, as there is different methods for researching and trying to uncover proof of how we where made and do we live on when we die. I personally believe that we reincarnate as part of our soul development and we have many other worlds to pick to incarnate on, im not saying I am right, thats just my belief ( scientology ). Most scientists dont believe in a higher power (God) because scientists always want 'proof' even though science in its own right in just theories.
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Paulette Originally Answered: Can science and religion meet one another in a new way?
The first scientists were alchemists. They started out studying the physical, but in the process discovered the metsaphysical nature of nature. They then became sorcerers. In a way, modern real science, (not counting theoretical science which is not real science) is still operating in the field of sorcery. What really happens with these inventions is simply that we are finding newe ways to harness the magic that has always been here. The only real evolution that exists is a spiritual evolution. We do evolve, and have evolved, spiritually.

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