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Small Penis/Girlfriend Help? Topic: Touch 6 case sizes
June 25, 2019 / By Orna
Question: I am almost 18 years old and me and my girlfriend are getting to the sexual point of our relationship if you will. I don't look like an 18 year old at all and I get told so at least once a day. My penis size is small, but I like my girlfriend way too much to just dump her over it. I don't have the confidence to tell her about it in fear she will dump me or if we ever do break up, tell my friends. I don't know what to do.. I wish I could believe the whole size doesn't matter it's about trust thing, but we're only 18. She'll probably just move on to someone else if she found out..
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Malina Malina | 7 days ago
Most guys who think they are small are actually normal in length. Unless you are 2.5 inches erect or less you are in the normal range - yes those who research such things say that 3 inch and up is normal. Anything less than 2.5 is considered a micro-penis (google it if you want more information) The problem is that most guys markedly exaggerate their own size. Early research into penis size took guys at their word and normal erect size was something like 8 plus inches. Then researchers got out the tape measure and asked guys to prove it. Low and behold normal size is actually something less than 6 inches. Most women will say that while size is exciting to look at in most - but not all cases they really do not care. Girth if anything is more important than length to most women. I knew of one guy who actually was "blessed" in the size department and he said he couldn't hardly get laid. Lots of women wanted to see it, most wanted to touch it. a few did oral, but none of them were willing to accept it vaginally.
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Here are the results of a couple of studies. I trust the second study more than the first. To help you better understand what all these numbers really mean, please read ALL my post. If not, you may came up with the wrong conclusions. By age, the averages found were: FIRST STUDY (averages of measurements given by teens to a survey done by researchers) Age....... Size 12....... 4.1" (104 mm) 13....... 5.1" (130 mm) 14....... 6.0" (152 mm) 15....... 6.1" (155 mm) 16....... 6.3" (160 mm) 17....... 6.5" (165 mm) 18....... 6.4" (163 mm) 19....... 6.2" (157 mm) 20....... 6.2" (157 mm) Conclusions: The average adult penis size is about 6.1 inches or (157mm). It is interesting that in this study, penis size 'peaks' at age 17. Since penises do not get smaller as a male approaches age 21, it can be concluded that boys aged 16, 17, and 18 are most likely to exaggerate the size of their penises. -------------- SECOND STUDY (averages of measurements taken by doctors) Age....... **Erect Length (inches & centimeters) 11....... 3.0" (3 and 0/16ths") 7.5 cm 12....... 3.8" (3 and 13/16ths") 9.6 cm 13....... 4.8" (4 and 13/16ths") 12.3 cm 14....... 5.4" (5 and 6/16ths") 13.6 cm 15....... 5.6" (5 and 10/16ths") 14.3 cm 16....... 5.7" (5 and 11/16ths") 14.5 cm 17....... 5.8" (5 and 13/16ths") 14.8 cm 18....... 5.8" (5 and 13/16ths") 14.8 cm 19+….. 5.9" (5 and 14/16ths") 14.9 cm Conclusions: This table is a collection of measurements from doctors and pediatric physicians. They do not measure the boys' penises while they have erections. The length of the erect penis can be determined by stretching the flaccid penis from the tip as far out as it will comfortably extend. It is then measured from the tip to the base while flaccid (and still extended). The measurement is then taken for the medical records of boys who have had developmental concerns, urogenital diseases, or penis injuries. It does not take long for a group of physicians to determine averages and normal variations when they see hundreds of patients per year. PLEASE READ!!! No matter which study you believe, keep in mind that penis growth among teens differs widely. For a young male, trying to interpret a table of averages is not necessarily easy nor beneficial. Young men who read this may try to make comparisons with themselves and this table. Please be advised that you should use this tables ONLY as "average reference". Remember, when an "average measurement" is listed, that means approximately 50% of all young men are shorter than this number (and about 50% are larger). Less than 1% of males are exactly average. That means less than 1 out of 100 men will match the average number exactly. Beware that averages are actually known as "statistical means" and they are typically used in the context of medicine and statistical sciences rather than personal counseling. Nevertheless, the table can still be used as a good reference for average penis growth over time.

Kimberlee Kimberlee
I totally agree. I myself own 2 large breed dogs and if mine did that they would for sure be put to sleep. My dogs are well trained, well balanced dogs. The people who let there dogs act this way are not a good dog owner. A dog needs boundary's and in the wild big or small the dog would be disciplined by the pack leader. They should not have dogs because it is not fair on the dog. The reason why small dogs do this is that they have had no real training and feel scared. They also "baby" them too much which is no good for ANY dog. A dog is like a child they NEED to know what's right & what's wrong. My dogs were socialized from being 8 weeks old with everything. We even had a house rabbit and no one could believe they didn't eat him.
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Janele Janele
Confidence makes all the difference. Size really DOESN'T matter, I promise, it's your capacity as a lover and willingness to work with your partner to build trust, listen to what she likes, and ultimately a foundation of good sex. If you go in thinking you're less than she deserves, that's exactly what you'll give her. Go in with confidence and open mindedness.
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Erin Erin
If she really likes you , then your size won't matter ! If she dumps you because of your size , then she obviously isn't the girl for you .
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Claire Claire
Odds are it's not going to get any bigger, so you might as well start dealing with it now. Unless you plan on avoiding girls for the rest of your life? Get over it, it's probably not as small as you think.
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