**Question for all girls** So, I took a girl out on a date like a week ago.(lots of details).PLEASE HELP?

**Question for all girls** So, I took a girl out on a date like a week ago.(lots of details).PLEASE HELP? Topic: How to write a school play script
June 16, 2019 / By Sariah
Question: I took a girl out on a date about a week ago, and it wen't pretty well. I judge that by a few factors. First there were no akward silences, I had her laughing quite a bit, and lastely, I got a kiss (a long intense one) at the end of the night. When I was leaving she said simply, "call me later." .....Well long story short, I just got through an incredibly busy and relententless week of school. I had a math final, film appreciation final, 6 pages of the script I'm writing was due, and I had to go to a studio (were I am interning) yesterday for 8 hours. So, I haven't talked to her since the date, except a short little myspace message. The thing is she hasn't tried to talk to me either. I still wan't to hang out with her, cuz I felt like we hit it off pretty well. 1.) My first question is, how do I call her up (a week after the date) and explain why I haven't called her or anything? 2.) My second question is, since she hasn't tried to contact me either, is that an indicator that she didn't have a good time on the first date? Do you think she is praying I never call her again? 3.) If I do call her today, would it be alright for me to ask her (on short notice) to go catch a movie or play some pool tonight? or is that kind of rude, since she's more than likely already made plans? I am kind of new to this dating thing as you can tell.
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Best Answers: **Question for all girls** So, I took a girl out on a date like a week ago.(lots of details).PLEASE HELP?

Nora Nora | 9 days ago
1) just call her up and be like hey, sorry i havent gotten back to you quickly, i've been really bust with ________ (say a few of the major things you were really busy with). Most girls understand busy schedules. 2) well, she said, "call me later" which means she is waiting for YOU to call her, she probably wants to talk to you, but since she made the effort to tell you to call her later, then she now wants you to make the effort to actually call her. Also, by not speaking to you, she wants to see if you are interested in her, and she will partially tell when you call her back. 3) Of course it'd be alright! why wouldnt it??? I made plans yesterday to hang out with a friend, and we hung out yesterday, not a problem. if she has plans already then hang out tomorrow or next weekend. no biggie hope this helps! best of luck! :)
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Mabel Mabel
1. call her and apologize and explain yourself. she'll apreciate your honesty. 2. no that is not what it means. she probably had a good time. she wouldn't have told you to call her if she didn't. although it is likely she may have already moved on since it has been a week without a call. 3. yes you can ask her. she may already be busy but it's not rude at all. if she can't tonight make a plan for another night. good luck!!
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Kell Kell
1) you really need to call her!! just be like heya iv been waiting for time to call you all week..then explain about everything she'l be soo happy u called=] 2) NO u have it so wrong! she told you to call her, so shes probs pullin her hair out tryin to figure out y u havnt. She doesnt wanna call u if she said for u to call her! Girls worry ALOT bout looking desperate!! 3) nah go for it, she may be busy but at least shel know that you do like her! make sure u ring her 2night!! xxx
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Irma Irma
just ring her and explain youve had a busy week, she'll understand and if she feels the same about how the date went shell say yes to go on another one
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