SCIENCE or RELIGION i don't know what to choose or believe?

SCIENCE or RELIGION i don't know what to choose or believe? Topic: How to write a spiritual journal
June 25, 2019 / By Emmie
Question: what is your religion and why should i listen to those ppl and or do you believe in science how do you explain many things that seem godlike ? im confused but in religion they say to have faith? like air u cant see it but its there? but its like they say close ur eyes and throw your self back what if i fall :| but then in science you have facts and stuff but then there are stuff that just dont fit in science sooo........
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Cicely Cicely | 7 days ago
The difference between religion and science is, religion is for people who don't have the answers, are confused, and want and need answers right away and science is for those who question further, accept the few questions without answers, and endlessly attempt and develop ways in finding and getting closer to the answers we desire, rather then finding a scapegoat and creating myth in place for fact and truth. Skepticism is key and science provides us that. It all boils down to common sense, and both Science and Religion require some sort of faith, to a point. For example, religion today is based off of the traditional gathering of faith filled people who share the same beliefs in the same supernatural ideologies and/or same gods, spirits, etc and religious fundamentals. To be religious, or even spiritual, it requires a lot of faith and belief because we cannot prove or find a tangible explanation for religious facts, events, and people. Science, a lot like religion, has some of the same issues. Most people, even scientists, have never seen a germ, electron, neutron, proton, etc because they are either microscopic or hypothetical ideas, but they believe in them because of the mass population who supports the science community and the fundamentals of science, just like religion. This isn't to say that they are equally as puzzling, nor evidence based. Christians use the Bible as a basis and resource to their beliefs, much like the science community uses textbooks and journals. My opinion is that science has much more rationality, sense, open-mindedness, and skepticism when creating a theory, law, concept, etc. The Religious community and religious leaders alike seem to form ideologies and principles as they go along. There is a lot of corruption in religion and it is hard to make much sense of it all without relying on reality and evidence for support. Much of the religions people follow today are based upon history and events from thousands of years ago. You said, "How do you explain many things that seem godlike". My answer to you is, it isn't godlike and there is most likely an explanation. By studying anthropology and the history of religion, we can see that todays religion and all organized religion came from what we call "folk religion". Daniel Dennett wrote a great book on the phenomenon and it's called "Breaking the Spell". Anyway, the idea of God was kept when people became organized and communities emerged, along with business and social groups that weren't family oriented. We can see many similarities among ancient religions, that we obviously see as barbaric (i.e. burning of "witches", drilling into skulls, slaughtering children, etc), and they still uphold many concepts taught by modern day religions. To summarize, religion doesn't make sense, and spirituality is nothing more than a religion created idea, so those who try to escape religion and say that their are merely spiritual, I am sorry to say, they are believing in a religious based concept. Because almost all people (even atheists, many agnostics, and all theists) have knowledge of the idea of religion and God, it is very easy to create a scapegoat for unexplained occurrences and rather than figuring them out rationally or moving on with the realization that we have no answers, something else takes the missing answers place, usually a so called "miracle" or "god-like" event. I recommend do much more research, engaging in both scientific and religious talks, debates, etc, and reading a lot. Try and figure out the stakeholders in the issues, all point of views, both bias and non-bias, and try and find something that makes sense to you. Common sense can bring a lot of good and positive things to our personal lives and personalities. It is very confusing, but don't assume with out research and a full understanding of both sides. Good luck.
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Cicely Originally Answered: Which religion to choose Muslim or catholic?
try skepticsannotatedquran. It will guide you to the jacked up parts in the quran really fast. Then double check with your own koran. I'm an atheist and a liberal but as far as I'm concerned, choose ANY religion before sticking with Islam. Or, if you like the way Iran and Saudi Arabia are going, by all means, help Islam conquer the world. Look, I know that individual Muslims can be very nice, but if you base your whole moral system on absolutely accepting some book, you cut yourself off from thinking for yourself. What if you want to have premarital sex, what if you're gay, what if you want to be a Muslim woman and marry a kaffir? Well, if you abide by the book like it's some infallible gift from 'God', you can't make those decisions according to what will make you happy. So we wind up with one less happy person in the world and one more person who's pissed off. That person is more likely to become a terrorist which explains why Islam produces more than it's share of terrorists: b/c it produces more lockstep faith which produces more dissatisfaction.

Ayeesha Ayeesha
Why not both? They're not opposites, they're meant to work in synergy with one another. A common way I've heard it described is that Science teaches the HOW and Religion teaches the WHY. Take evolution. Its clearly the way in which life on earth came to have the diversity of forms that it did today. If you take humanity's place in evolution, you can trace us back through common ancestors and connect us to the rest of the web of life. But this is how humanity came to look the way it did. The WHY is... different. Some would claim that evolution forces you to discard the notion of God, that *why* we are here is because of a complete fluke and accident. But I think that that is just one possible conclusion, and one that I don't agree with. I think that God had, and has, a plan for us, that God nudged evolution along its way to create humanity 'in his own image.' This is also a perfectly valid idea... that yes, requires faith, but I would argue no more faith than to deny that it is a possibility. The same extends to the rest of science. So... both. Both are fine to choose, as they can work together.
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Abihail Abihail
The Bible does not claim to be a scientific book. In fact its written more as a history book. However there are a lot of references made in the Bible to things in other areas that strengthen ones faith in its contents. For example, the book of Job says: He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing. That the earth is "hanging" in space when observed from a distance, in other words, nothing holding it up, is a so called "scientific fact" today. But how did Job know it without the technology available to him today to prove it? This is one example out of many that proof that a believe can be true without having immediate evidence for it. If science cannot prove it then it doesn't mean it cannot exist. It simply means that they do not have enough information to explain it. And contrary to popular believe there are a lot of things science cannot prove.
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Sullivan Sullivan
Only believe in the science that can back itself up.always question scientists motives...many are atheists that use and twist the sciences to support their agenda. on the other hand , i would say DEFINITELY do not blindly follow a religion. The existence of God has nothing to do with religion. religion is man-made with an agenda of its own . both God and science are organic. So believe in science (not the theories, just the proven facts) as far as it can take you. If there are still unanswered, unanswerable questions...look beyond science to the spiritual and supernatural. God is there. No one religion has a monopoly on God. study with a few different religions and learn their beliefs and practices, you will find some universal truths and some falsehoods in all of them. Open yourself up to ask God to show you, above all...remain an independent thinker....only then will you find that science is Gods creation, they are both true. .....as for the stuff you say ''just don't fit in science'' that's not real science....that's just man trying to prove that God doesn't exist...if it don't fit....it is not of science or God.
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Parker Parker
You're posting a question about "beleiving" in science using a computer or mobile devices which is powered by electricity and yet you are confused? I suggest you review everything that you learned (or should have learned) in your science classes and pay close attention to how science knows what it knows. When you have a good concept of why science works, try to find any other method of "knowing things" that consistently works.
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London London
It is not either or. Christianity has creation science and intelligent design which reasons out faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Science alone has no answer for the spiritual realm, sin, etc.
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London Originally Answered: Can science and religion meet one another in a new way?
The first scientists were alchemists. They started out studying the physical, but in the process discovered the metsaphysical nature of nature. They then became sorcerers. In a way, modern real science, (not counting theoretical science which is not real science) is still operating in the field of sorcery. What really happens with these inventions is simply that we are finding newe ways to harness the magic that has always been here. The only real evolution that exists is a spiritual evolution. We do evolve, and have evolved, spiritually.

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